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ELECTION: Inslee’s green energy? No thanks

Jay Inslee promoted green energy while he was a congressman representing the people of Washington state (TNT, 10-11). Two have failed, Solyndra and Solar at Loveland, costing the taxpayers $570 million to date. A third one, SunPower is on the brink of going bankrupt.

I do not want him promoting green energy in Washington, where the taxpayer will have to pick this up also if it fails. Inslee also voted to ban our 120-year-old light bulb, which will cost homeowners a few hundred dollars to replace them with mercury-laden bulbs.

Sarah Palin was trashed by media everywhere for quitting

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ENERGY: Simpson isn’t doing anything new

Re: “Simpson a green model” (TNT, 6-22).

As one who spent approximately 25 years in the pulp and paper business in positions that included maintenance superintendent, plant engineer and plant manager, I found the article quite interesting. I couldn’t help thinking, “Welcome to the 1980s.”

I read the article several times trying to find the new, cutting-edge practices that Simpson is employing in order to become a “green model.” Perhaps they weren’t included in the article?

Biomass boilers have been part of the pulp and paper industry for the better part of three decades. Potlatch Corp. in Idaho was

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