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TACOMA: Taggers need to be held accountable

An elusive, prolific “tagger” vandal was taken into custody recently by Tacoma police across the street from my home (Police Beat, 4-5). We all emitted a collective hurrah in our area only to be disappointed upon learning that he was released to his parents the following day.

This public nuisance had been marring buildings and structures for months with his handle “Drems” or “Dremr.” I can only guess this is his clever, lofty take on being a dreamer with dreams of celebrity. Or perhaps he never learned to spell. His handiwork can be seen in all regions of Tacoma - on  Sixth Avenue,

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TACOMA: City smart to team with Goodwill

Re: “Tacoma teams with Goodwill to battle graffiti” (TNT, 12-22)

It’s great to see that the city is taking action to clean up the blight of graffiti in our neighborhoods. Using crews from Goodwill’s Go2 Property Services is a great idea, and I know from personal experience that these workers do an absolutely excellent job.

We employed workers from Go2 last spring for yard cleanup, and they did a marvelous job. Their rates are great, they were hard-working, they showed up on time (a rarity these days), worked very efficiently and we could not have been happier with their

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