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VOTING: There’s no need for prepaid mail ballots

Re: “Bill seeks postage-paid ballots, electronic vote” (TNT, 2-1).

State Sen. Bob Hasegawa, D-Seattle,  notes that ”In a democracy, everyone should participate.”

We do not have a democracy. We have a constitutional republic. Please get it right. There are many drop boxes in local communities now where completed ballots can be dropped off to submit one’s ballot.

Perhaps we should return to voting at local polls where one’s ballot is dropped in the box there.


AMERICA: Is our government really working for us?

Is our government actually working for us? I am not asking this as a red state or tea party question – although blue-staters and liberals certainly don’t seem to have much concern (or clue) that this is a problem at all.

We currently have a Congress in a state of perpetual deadlock (except regarding their own perks), a president who appears to lead from behind (or with a Justice Department always in attack mode against individual state laws) and a court system bent on legislating from the bench rather than simply following the law.

Government at the state level reflects

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GOVERNMENT: Let’s focus on efficiency

We hear a lot about budget requirements from our government, largely established by lobbyists and political personnel, but we seem to never, never, hear anything about efficiency. We voters could and should question our department leaders and aspiring politicians about their plans for dollar-saving efficiency in the units they head or aspire to head. Make efficiency a primary requirement for office.

We the public can “lobby” those people with phone calls, emails, postcards (very economical) and letters and get some attention. Pile them up. Further, question the political contestants, department heads and potential department heads, at least yearly, about their

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GOVERNMENT: Cut salaries and workforce

The government does not allow the pyramid system because the person on top received most of the money and benefits.

In the 1970s, as a vendor working at various government sites, I found that the pyramid system was working in the employment system. The system was very simple: The more people working under you, the higher the pay for the managers and supervisors.

Today the system is working in our local, state and federal governments. This is why our government is bloated with too many employees.

It is time to stop the pyramid system in our government. We need to

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SANDY: Government’s useful at times

Is our government too big? You might think so when you listen to some political speeches. But In fact, we need big government despite its cost, for all those situations where the job is just too big, too messy or unlikely to produce profits.

One prominent example is the current East Coast flooding disaster which is all three of the above. Is Wall Street or a bank going to rush in to help those people whose homes and lives have been destroyed?

Private enterprise has its merits, but so does government. We must not forget that, especially when we’re preparing

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CANCER: Government, the yew and me

In this election, we are hearing a lot of debate about the role of the federal government in our lives. Five months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. My treatment has given me a new perspective on this issue.

Taxol, one of my chemotherapy drugs, originally came from the Pacific yew, a tree found in our Northwest forests. For its discovery, we can thank two government employees in particular – a U.S. Department of Agriculture botanist who collected bark from a yew near Packwood, and a National Cancer Institute researcher who found that extracts from the yew’s bark could kill

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POLITICS: More of the same

Leonard Pitts, Jr., writes (column, 5-13) that he is surprised that in this year 0f 2012, conservative Republicans are still debating issues such as women’s contraception, the Civil Rights Act, and voting rights, to mention a few. Why is he so surprised? The “United” States has an overblown government of Democrats and Republicans who can’t get their acts together on behalf of and for the benefit of the American people. We are being played like a ping pong ball, but let not your heart be troubled. The Obama re-election team’s new slogan is “Forward.” That’s right, more of the

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BIG GOVERNMENT: A welcome counterpoint to Baird

I wanted to thank The News Tribune for placing the viewpoint of John Kass of the Chicago Tribune directly under the weekly piece from Katie Baird.

As Baird makes her arguments, week after week for more and bigger government, it was great to see the description by Kass of just what happens when unbridled and unfunded government goes unchecked.

I hope fans of the Baird viewpoint continued reading Wednesday to see just what happens when government growth continues to surge both in good times and bad. I can only hope Washingtonians will see the light.