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DEFICIT: Time to abolish student loans

If there is anyone out there who believes that even half of the trillion dollars the U.S. government has underwritten for student loans will ever be repaid, that bridge in Brooklyn is still for sale.

At a time when our country is so hopelessly in debt that bankruptcy is not only possible but likely in the not-too-distant future if we don’t begin to reign in spending, a good place to start would be the student loan program. And, since we will be honoring our veterans on Monday, maybe it is time tell high school grads that if they want the

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ECONOMY: Rein in runaway government spending

Sometimes it is hard to see a silver lining behind every cloud, but the economic disaster we are mired in at present may be letting us know how to avoid an even greater catastrophe in the future.

We are beginning to understand that families with an income only great enough to purchase $200,000 homes shouldn’t be buying $500,00 homes, that cities facing $26,000,000 of debt shouldn’t allow council members to soak up sunshine in Arizona on needless junkets on the taxpayers’ dime and that taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be used to house people at Western State Hospital at a cost of

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DEFICIT: Government spending is the problem

At the end of the Clinton era, federal tax revenues were $1.991 trillion. At the end of the Bush era in 2008, federal tax revenues were $2.524 trillion, an increase $533 billion or 27 percent.

Spending at the end of the Clinton era was $1.862 trillion. At the end of 2008, spending was $2.982 trillion, an increase of $1.120 trillion or 60 percent. Since 2008, spending has increased another $836 billion or 28 percent more.

From the actual numbers from the Congressional Budget Office, our problem is not revenues, it is spending. Yet all we hear is that we do

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