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HUNGER: Families need support of Legislature

If no state budget is approved, food banks will not receive funds from the state to help keep doors open and shelves stocked. That’s the message we received this week. Deadline for avoiding a government shutdown is July 1.

Our neighbors who come to the Southeast Tacoma FISH Food Bank would be seriously affected. Many are hard-working families with multiple jobs who struggle to make ends meet. We serve thousands of active military personnel and veterans. Nearly 40 percent of clients are children ages 0-18. In fact, Southeast Tacoma FISH serves more people than any other in Pierce County, providing nutritious food

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SHUTDOWN: GOP isn’t the party to blame

President Obama said, “We’re not going to accomplish (government responsibilities) if one party to this conversation says that the only way that they come to the table is if they get 100 percent of what they want and if they don’t, they threaten to burn down the house.”

The uncompromising party seems to be the party of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid right now, the party that did not bring the Senate into session all of Sunday and until 2 p.m. Monday did not even consider a temporary delay of the Affordable Care Act.

Even though there are technical difficulties

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SHUTDOWN: Congress and staff should have to feel the pain, too

If this minority of right-wing extremists in Congress wants to shut down the federal government and send thousands of Americans home without pay, let them put their money where their mouth is.

Congress should work for no pay (like the federal employees who do stay on the job). And congressional staff should get furloughed: no work and no pay, like the rest of us sent home.

If those were the rules of shutdown, there would never be one.


SHUTDOWN: Democrats using same old playbook

Many remember the government shutdown of 1995-96 when a showdown between the majority Republicans and the Clinton administration shut down the government for 28 days. They portrayed the speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, as a crybaby because Clinton made him sit at the back of the plane.

Thankfully, compromise did come – a balanced budget over seven years, tax cuts and changes in mandatory spending programs such as Medicare. It worked to Clinton’s advantage.

Today we face another shutdown where President Obama wants no compromise. The Democrats are using the same playbook they used against Newt Gingrich including the

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GOP: Republicans ‘giddy’ over looming disaster

The News Tribune’s front-page headline (9-27), “Parties use health care to threaten shutdown,” suggests that Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame. Correction: Only the Republicans are refusing to pay our bills.

The last time Republicans held the government hostage, they cost us billions of dollars by lowering government credit-worthiness and eliminated millions of jobs through sequestration.

Now they demand abandoning health insurance for all before they will pass a temporary budget. And they may refuse to follow their constitutional obligation to fund the national debt if they don’t get their way on many ill-considered proposals. Their actions threaten

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FEDERAL BUDGET: U.S. has a revenue problem

With the possibility of a looming government shutdown, it’s really worth considering what dug the hole we’re currently in. All we hear about – thanks primarily to the corporate right wing media – is that spending cuts are the only salvation for our country’s woes.

The Republicans seized control in the House with the promise of creating more jobs and solving our fiscal problems. Have they delivered? I’m curious about how the EPA, Planned Parenthood, NPR, Head Start and any of the other programs on the conservative hit list have put our country in such jeopardy. This is a

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