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SANDERS: It’s an insult to equate him with Trump

Re: “How to interpret surges by Sanders and Trump?” (Kathleen Parker column, 7-8).

Poor Kathleen Parker. She struggles to produce a trumped up and insulting comparison between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Parker thinks Sanders’ advocacy for a living wage, affordable health care for all and for making the wealthiest pay taxes on a fairer share of their income equates to a redistribution of wealth that should “send shivers up the spines of most Americans.”

So how does she explain the huge crowds who turn out for his events? Were the 10,000 who showed up in Madison, Wisconsin, all “closet (shiver!)

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GOP: ‘Census’ was just disguised propaganda

Last week I received notification in the mail that I had been selected to represent voters in Washington’s 6th Congressional District to respond to the 2015 Congressional District Census, commissioned by the Republican Party. The flattering impression was that a serious responsibility had been placed upon me.

But the questions posed were filled with accusatory assumptions totally lacking foundations. Such as: Should congressional Republican leaders be “aggressive in forcing the Obama White House to work with them” on various important issues? Do I favor the Republican efforts to strengthen our borders and “fight President Obama’s unconstitutional, unilateral decrees in writing new

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MARRIAGE: The left reveals its intolerance

Re: “Marriage equality war is one GOP can’t win” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 4-9).

The totalitarian mind lives on, always insatiable in its hunger for final solutions. On the subject of marriage equality, Pitts admonishes recalcitrant Republicans to “change your stand, or shut your mouth.”

Can there be a sentiment more chilling and abhorrent to an American citizen? That’s it? Bend your knee to the seeming majority will, or cower in the corner in silence?

All Americans have the right to fully utilize all the constitutional tools at their disposal to advocate their positions on any policy issue before the

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IRAN: Why not just give peace a chance?

Listen, GOP, we get it. The Iran deal could fail miserably. But what if it doesn’t?

We have an opportunity to stop Iran, with diplomacy, from further pursuing a nuclear weapons program and bringing it one step closer to joining the community of nations. This does not cover all our gripes with the regime, but it is a big first step.

So why the GOP opposition? I imagine it’s because it’s not their horse leading the charge. Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan both negotiated with the Soviet Union and signed deals with a mistrusted regime could have wiped America off the face

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GOP: Tea partiers should consider the Dems

I remember the irony I felt when I heard things tea partiers were saying in the previous general election when they claimed they wanted to take their country back. Among the quotes were things like, “Don’t steal my Medicare!” and “Hands off my Social Security.”

Well, folks, Republicans have now, through their proposed budgets, made it very clear they have no such intent. I guess that’s the problem with having to lead.

In the past, they had the Paul Ryan budget, but they could pretend it was fake because it would never get through the Senate. Now, it looks very

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GOP: How have Republicans shown they can govern?

Re: “Democrats: Governance hurts American prosperity” (letter, 3-22).

The writer challenges Democrats’ assertion that Republicans “had better show they can govern.”

Well, as a former politician famously put it, “Show me the beef.” After four years with complete power over the budget, where is the Republicans’ agenda - something with their identity, just anything they can point to with pride?

Sure, the GOP certainly has put obstacles in the way of President Obama’s optimistic programs, but negative success doesn’t count. Where is the legislation to show they can govern?

As to foreign policy, could this letter have been written with a straight face? For eight years, Bush

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GOP: Letter to Iran went too far

Re: “Republicans’ letter says any US-Iran pact needs Congress’ OK” (TNT, 3-10).

When the conservative, Republican-leaning New York Daily News headlines “TRAITORS,” referring to the 47 GOP U.S. Senators who signed the letter to Iran, you know the stunt went way, way, way too far!

Imagine, for a moment, if Democrats who opposed the invasion of Iraq – rightly, it turned out! – had sent a letter to Saddam Hussein saying that they opposed the action of their own government! Or, if Congress had sent a letter to Premier Khrushchev sabotaging the Kennedy Administration’s negotiations during the Cuban Missile Crisis!

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OBAMA: It’s important to set broad goals

Re: The State of the Union address.

What is wrong with expressing a broad vision of the future? If we can’t even set goals then we get caught up in details that seemingly go nowhere. Far from being “cutesy,” as writer called it, it is an important aid as to where we want the nation to go.

Instead of constantly repeating the mantra of “no new taxes,” “no big government,” “no – whatever,” I would appreciate one major speech from the GOP that outlined Republicans’ goals for education, health care, insurance coverage, wage equality, Cuba relations, etc. It can’t just be “Don’t

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