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TOLLS: Large fund balance too tempting for DOT

Re: “Tollpayers at bridges may face increases” (TNT, 6-5).

Kudos to Jim Pasin and the other members of the Citizen Advisory Committee who sharpened their pencils and worked so hard to keep Narrows Bridge tolls low. I fervently hope they stick to their practice of recommending that Narrows Bridge tolls, and the corresponding fund balance, be kept as low as possible.

State Treasurer Jim McIntire’s ambition to increase the fund balance is misguided and ultimately not beneficial to the tollpayers. Any large, untapped fund balance only encourages extravagant spending by those with access to it and

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TOLLS: We’re being taken for another ride

Re: “Tollpayers at bridges may face increases” (TNT, 6-5).

What’s the matter with this picture? The state wants and probably will get an increase in the toll to cross the Narrows Bridge even though it cannot keep its own house in order well enough to even collect the tolls that are due.

It orders new Good to Go stickers knowing full well that they will not be read by the equipment being used on the bridge. What’s with that? It sure looks like we are being taken for another ride.


BRIDGE: We definitely aren’t good to go

We are good citizens. We have a Good to Go account. We buy a new car. The new car has no license and no GTG sticker. We purchase a sticker at Safeway.

We drive the new car through the toll booth asking, “Are we GTG?” The attendant verifies we are, even though the new system cannot read our new sticker. We receive an infraction notice and a $52 fine.

We are, obviously, not good to go!


DOT: Yet another problem with state agency

Money wasted on the ferry system with overtime gone wild. Money wasted with a mistake on the state Route 16 project. Now comes news that the new Good to Go transponders are not compatible with the Narrows Bridge tolling system.

Isn’t it time that Paula Hammond took responsibility for the messes under her command and step down? We need a new leader who can get the DOT under control.