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PUYALLUP: Mayor ignorant about shelter program

Re: “Assault causes security worries at library” (TNT, 1-8).

Recent violence at Puyallup’s library is inexcusable. However, Mayor John Knutsen’s irrational, misleading remarks reveal ignorance of a shelter program as well as problem-solving skills.

Freezing Nights churches, the sole east Pierce County shelter resource, has quietly pursued its mission for 10 years. Enduring considerable stonewalling, they complied with any city and community operating requests. Freezing Nights does not serve nor is responsible for all Puyallup’s homeless population.

Good Samaritan Hospital and Puyallup police frequently bring indigent outpatients and at-risk street people to church shelters. This community service provides shelter, food,

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MULTICARE: Keep offering beneficial health program

For seniors in East Pierce County communities, the holidays brought a notice from
Multicare Health System that the Celebrate Seniority enhanced fitness classes would be discontinued.

These classes were offered in community centers and accessible without long drives. We attend at the advice of our physicians. Regular suitable exercise improves our health, maintains our capacities and allows us to continue to live at home. Over many years, we have become small, mutually supportive communities. We do not have ready alternatives that are designed especially for seniors as old as we are.

Our members are customers of Good Samaritan Hospital.

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PREGNANCY: Just two weeks can make a big difference

As a perinatal nurse in the South Sound, I see many pregnant women a few weeks from a full-term pregnancy who are anxious to deliver. Many don’t understand how critical the last few weeks of pregnancy are to the healthy development of their baby.

But I know that healthy babies are worth the wait. At least 39 weeks of pregnancy are crucial to a baby’s health as development of critical organs continue during the last weeks of pregnancy. Current research shows the risk of infant death doubles when a baby is born at 37 weeks of pregnancy when compared to

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