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FOOD: I-522 is about our right to know

Re: “Voters should reject very flawed Initiative 522″ (letter, 9-1).

The letter advising people to vote no on the genetically modified food labeling initiative merits response. I-522 speaks directly to our right to know what we are consuming. Yes, it is a question of safety and there is more than enough evidence to indicate GMOs aren’t safe.

I want to call attention to a “statistic” the writer used – the one about those “440 peer-reviewed scientific studies” he claims as proof that GMOs are safe.

If the writer had actually read them instead of just pulling that “statistic” off a

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FOOD: GMO labeling is all backwards

Why do the backers of Initiative 522 insist on putting the cost burden of re-labeling on every food item that may contain GMO foods? That seems unfair, given the low interest in the public for such a label.

Why not simply slap a “non-GMO” label on the foods that wish to appeal to this narrow need? Surely those food producers are already sympathetic to the cause.

This is the only fair solution as it places the added cost burden right where it can do the most good. The free-market wins again.