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Tag: Global Partnership for Education


EDUCATION: Increase access globally

With graduation celebrations happening all over the U.S., it’s easy to forget that in many parts of the world 57 million children never have the opportunity to attend school at all. This is a terrible loss of potential for these countries.

At our monthly RESULTS meetings, we learn about the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), the only international partnership dedicated to quality education for all. This June the GPE aims to raise $3.5 billion from donors. It will unlock an additional $16 billion from developing countries’ governments.

We are encouraging our U.S. representatives to support this effort. We need to

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AID: US assistance abroad pays off for us here

With the U.S. government scrambling to pay its bills, we desperately need to make responsible decisions. Many people actually believe that our foreign aid is 20 percent or more of our federal budget. In fact it is actually less than .5 percent. Less than one half of one percent of our federal budget goes to international development assistance! In 1965 it was 2.75 percent.

Microfinance; the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria; and the Global Partnership for Education have empowered millions of women and their families to work their way out of extreme poverty through tiny loans, enabled

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