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TRAFFIC: Olympic exit long has frustrated drivers

Re: “Backed-up Gig Harbor traffic could get worse” (TNT, 8-23).

Joseph Perez, Olympic region assistant traffic design engineer, needs to leave his Olympia ivory tower and do some field research.

“Based on our analysis, we don’t show backups on the state facilities,” Perez said.

I don’t know where “state facilities” end and local facilities begin at freeway exits, but backups in both directions at the Olympic exit were a daily occurrence before the repair project began. The Olympic exit from state Route 16 has been an F-rated intersection for year.

An F rating means that on at least one

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PENINSULA: Passing school measures the right thing to do

I spent more than 40 years as a teacher and head of private schools, including Charles Wright Academy in University Place. My wife and I and all three of our children attended exclusively private schools and colleges. But we will vote for the Peninsula School District’s levy and bonds. Why?

• In civilized countries, adults assume responsibility for all children – not just their own. They want all children and young adults to have the education which is essential for the community’s long-term well-being. Parents can’t do it all.

• Today’s children are tomorrow’s workers and leaders. The health of

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GIG HARBOR: Questions for Mayor Guernsey

Mayor Jill Guernsey is pleading for a new city position: economic development manager/deputy city administrator. But the budgeted amount for this position is $15,000 per month.

Gig Harbor is a town of 7,126 population. The City of Lakewood is also looking to fill a similar assistant position. It is offering between $4,300 and $5,500 per month – for a city with a population of 58,800.

There are people in Gig Harbor already doing these jobs. Who is Guernsey going to fire?

Other questions: Just how many more areas are there in Gig Harbor for major development? Did anyone in the

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SMOKING: Lakewood council should be ashamed

Re: “Lakewood backs off ban on tobacco in parks” (TNT, 1-19).

It’s 2014, and despite volumes of evidence against tobacco, the Lakewood City Council is suggesting it may not support a smoking ban in Lakewood’s parks. With the City of Tacoma passing a similar ban in 2009, Gig Harbor in 2007 and Puyallup in 2005, I thought this was a no-brainer.

The council suggested that education would be the way to go. However, today everyone over the age of 3 already knows smoking is incredibly unhealthy for everyone. It’s been documented in previous TNT articles and elsewhere that the

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PARKS: Peninsula owes debt to Vernon Young

Re: “Gig Harbor man’s legacy can be found outdoors” (TNT, 1-12).

The entire Gig Harbor Peninsula owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Vernon Young’s tireless efforts to build parks and trails.

The article was a nice tribute to Young’s legacy, but didn’t stress just how important his impact was. Without Young, there might not be a PenMet Parks District, and without his hard work, many of our lands wouldn’t be in our possession. His legacy won’t be just the parks, trails and lands he helped acquire, build and maintain, but also a shining example how one man’s dedication

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GIG HARBOR: Animal cruelty penalty too severe

Re: “Judge: No more dogs for you” (TNT, 11-7).

It’s an amazing thing to see a human court with power over a man’s life, weigh his life in the same balance as that of a dog. Where would this man be if his Gig Harbor neighbors had not converged to vouch for his character? And where is he now? Hanged on the horns of a paper trail that will follow him for life. Worse, he’s been pilloried by name in a manner he can never outlive.

Not to be dismissive about animal cruelty, which hurts us all, but it

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ELECTION: Ekberg’s been a leader on Gig Harbor council

Please join me in voting for Steve Ekberg for the Gig Harbor City Council, Position 2.

Those who know Ekberg know that he continues to be energetic and passionate about Gig Harbor. His accomplishments while on the council include the development of our parks (we now have more than 20) and a financially conservative city budget. He understands that the need for a viable community must be balanced with the need to maintain our uniqueness and historic character.

Too often we have seen legislative bodies act in ways which discredit the citizens they represent. In contrast, our City Council exercises

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PENINSULA: Voters need to be informed

The red-and-white 55 percent property tax increase signs around Gig Harbor are very misleading. Please be an informed voter and realize that your property taxes will not increase by 55 percent if Peninsula School District’s capital levy Proposition 1 passes. The overall increase is consistent with a 10 to 12 percent increase

This rate would be an additional $1.39 per $1,000 assessed value, which translates to $35 per month for a $300,000 home. This additional cost is limited to four years.

In these four years, Gig Harbor will have come together and accomplished something great. We will build two new

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