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JIMMY CARTER: What is George Will’s version of Christianity?

Re: “Losing one house will make 2012 easier for Obama” (George Will column, 10-12).

So now Will feels that he can assail Jimmy Carter’s “version of Christianity” and find that it comes up short?

So a guy who in twelve paragraphs judges the merit of Jimmy Carter’s faith and summarizes the history of the U.S. since 1938 accuses another of being prideful?

With his “version of Christianity,” Jimmy Carter spearheaded Habitat For Humanity. I wonder what George Will has done with his?


ECONOMICs: George Will strikes out at Roosevelt

To illustrate socialism’s glaring threat to our freedoms, George Will (column, 9-19) reported on an incident from the time of the Roosevelt-era National Recovery Act.

This was the story of tailor Jakob Maged, who in 1934 was jailed and fined for noncompliance with official NRA price levels; he was pressing suits at 35 cents instead of the NRA price standard of 40 cents.

According to Will, this Polish immigrant had had only vague awareness of the NRA price codes, and was totally shocked by his arraignment and trial. Two days later, the judge commuted the sentence and rescinded the fine.

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EDUCATION: George Will recognizes real problems facing schools

I’m probably not the only one to notice the irony of your “pathetic school reforms” editorial (9-2) juxtaposed to George Will’s column on the real reasons for the problems in our schools.

Will wrote of African-American families, but what he said is true of any family. He is no friend of public schools or teacher unions, but he recognizes what the real issues are.

Maybe next your editorial writers can talk about Will’s final five factors which, he says, affect 90 percent of the difference in schools’ proficiencies. And then you can explain how firing 5, 10, or 50

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ISRAEL: Negotiate end of occupation

George Will (column, 8-24) wonders what Israeli and Palestinians need to negotiate.

He is correct that current Israeli occupation of West Bank is legal under international law, but only to a point. It is not legal for occupation to be in perpetuity, nor for the occupying power to permanently make use for its own purposes of any portion of occupied territory.

United Nations membership requires that no member acquire territory through force of arms. All U.S. administrations, whether Republican or Democrat, have agreed that Palestinian lands must eventually be returned to Palestinians, with the possible exception that land

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