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LIMBAUGH: Republicans lack courage to speak up

Rush Limbaugh’s vile and perverse attack on Sandra Fluke says much more about the current Republican Party than it does about Limbaugh. Revolting, yes, but it’s no real shock that Limbaugh would quite happily pervert a serious, women’s health issue into a sex-for-money argument.

What is shocking is the abject lack of courage to act on principle by Republican leaders and conservative spokespeople in their unwillingness to condemn Limbaugh at the outset.

On CNN, Ari Fleischer played the false equivalency card, citing a harsh critique of the Catholic Church on the Huffington Post as deserving of an apology. Mary Matalin,

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GEORGE WILL: Conservatives reject columnist’s claim

Re: “Government shouldn’t so easily erase individual rights” (George Will column, 9-8).

Will ignores a key fact: His claim that the Supreme Court “correctly decided Lochner” in 1905 has been rejected overwhelmingly by conservatives — including by Will himself.

Indeed, the author of the book Will relies on reacted by stressing that “conservative jurists have been, if anything, even more anti–Lochner than their liberal counterparts.” Libertarian professor Don Bordeaux pointed out that conservatives – including Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Scalia – routinely join “Progressives” in bashing Lochner. No less a conservative icon than Robert Bork derides Lochner as

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UNIONS: George Will advocates for the powerful

Re: “Government shouldn’t so easily erase individual rights” (George Will column, 9-8).

This opinion piece clearly demonstrates Will’s ability to take a position and then write an argument to support that position regardless of the facts.

Will strongly argues that government has overstepped in regulating employment. He makes it sound like big, bad, burdensome government is picking on poor individual employers by limiting working to 10 hours per day (in the case discussed). He waxes poetic: “The individual possesses inalienable rights – here, liberty of contract – that cannot be legislated away for casual or disreputable reasons.”

So in

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BOEING: Will gets a bashing two-fer

Re: “Anti-Boeing action reflects Obama’s anti-business stance” (George Will column, 5-15).

Will’s anti-union rant is not because he’s trying to show his concern for America; it’s because he wants his disdain for the unions and the president to be well known. He starts out by blaming the National Labor Relations Board for all the ills in the country and then segues, in a very clumsy way, to blame the president for union activities.

He continues on with such hyperbole as “the Obama administration is trying to debilitate the largest aerospace corporation,” knowing full well that the president has bent over

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GEORGE WILL: Blame the boomers

Solopsists. Narcissists. Sentientists (new word). George Will never seems to tire of putting all of society’s ills at the feet of those born between 1946 and 1964 (column, 5-12).

George W. Bush. John Boehner. Chris Christie. Haley Barbour. Jim DeMint. Tom Coburn. Narcissists all.

Charles Krauthammer. Kathleen Parker. Paul Gigot. Rush Limbaugh. Tony Blankley. Bill O’Reilly. Obvious solopsists.

Cal Ripken Jr. Nolan Ryan. George Brett. They probably think the world began when they became “more or less sentient.”

Mari Maseng Will. Mole?

I think it’s wise for Will to blame an entire class of Americans for everything that offends him.

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GEORGE WILL: Case isn’t made for conservatism

Re: “A case for conservatism – the adult kind” (George Will column, 2-17).

Will deserves high marks for civility but falls miserably short when it comes to building a solid case for conservatism.

He targets the administration’s health care bill as designed to “engulf private markets and produce a single-payer system or its equivalent.” To that I would ask: Is that a bad thing? Private markets have made health care incredibly expensive, bureaucratic and available only to those who can afford exorbitant premiums.

Will would also “reform entitlements and produce economic growth.” For me, that’s code for privatizing Social Security

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SHOOTING: Let’s dial back all the rhetoric

I have tried very hard to not assign blame for the terrible tragedy in Tuscon. I believe the shooter was deeply disturbed and his mental illness, not politics was responsible for his violence.

But, I am really getting annoyed with columnists like George Will (TNT, 1-11). Conservatives are now playing the “victim.” Their outrage over the discussion of tempering our political language is inappropriate on every level of decency.

This situation is not about the conservative agenda. Not once did Will talk about the true victims in Tuscon. It’s all about people picking on conservatives. A 9-year-old child is being

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SOCIAL SECURITY: Will’s wrong to call it welfare

I’m tired of conservatives such as George Will referring to Social Security and Medicare as “welfare” and “entitlements.” Entitlement is the belief that you should get something for nothing.

By the time I retire (if I can retire), I’ll have paid FICA taxes for 50 years. According to actuarial tables, I’ll be lucky to get 20 years of Social Security before I die. That doesn’t sound like something for nothing.

Also, when I become eligible for Medicare, I will need to pay monthly premiums (in addition to what I’ve already paid in FICA). That is called “health insurance,” not “welfare.”

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