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BENGHAZI: Finding truth about attack does matter

Re: “Republicans show hypocrisy on Benghazi” (letter, 5-24).

This letter writer and other liberals have repeatedly claimed that the Iraq War was based on lies. This claim is simply not true. There was never any evidence to support these allegations directly other than people saying it. President Bush didn’t lie to the American people.

The writer asks, “Where were these so-called patriots when 4,000 Americans died in Iraq?” Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and true patriots were honoring them for making the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Where was she? Down at the Port of Tacoma participating in an

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JOBS: GOP’s inaction caused real suffering

Re: “GOP sacrifices jobs in shameless bid to win election” (TNT, 6-13).

After the attacks of 9/11, Americans rightly closed ranks behind President George Bush, Democrats and Republicans alike. Those Democrats who balked at the headlong rush to war were labeled as al-Qaida sympathizers or worse. They were labeled as soft on terrorism because they didn’t go along with legislation such as the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions Act, even though both seriously weakened our Constitution.

In the end, their skepticism of the Bush administration proved well-founded. After inheriting a budget surplus, that Republican administration spent like drunken

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ECONOMY: Smart voters study the past

Can anyone explain why so many middle-class voters I know prefer the Republican Party? The answer is simple. Smart voters remember that during Bill Clinton’s presidency, he had to endure a Republican Congress that was able to hold down his reckless spending. The Republican Congress during Clinton’s term is why the economy thrived.

Poor President Bush. The economy was good the first 7 1/2 years of Bush’s term, but, alas, the electorate voted in a Democratic Congress and, as a result, the economy began to tank. The media blamed Bush for the economic problems when they should have blamed the

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OBAMA: Liberal media give him a pass

I was really excited with editorial page editor Patrick O’Callahan’s blog posting (TNT, 9-9). He actually remarked on Barack Obama’s responsibility in the continuing war in Afghanistan and the fact it had not been mentioned in Eugene Robinson’s column (TNT, 9-9).

Really? That surprised him? Why would it? Obama has continually refused to accept responsibility for anything, and the liberal media have let him get by with it. That is why it was so surprising O’Callahan actually called him to task.

My elation soon disappeared, however, as I kept reading. Once again, O’Callahan compared Obama’s wonderful work with

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9/11: Rethinking the aftermath of that day

I was living in Tacoma when the Saudi terrorists hit the twin towers. President Bush wasted no time building a case against Saddam Hussein, but many of us in Tacoma did not see the need for a rush to war and attended rallies at the Federal Building, where a professor from a local university addressed us. During his talk, a couple soldiers also addressed the rally with a chant, “Start the war now!”

These soldiers looked to be 19 or 20 and did not seem to be veterans. The mindset of these kids – that war is the solution for

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