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SHORELINE: Geoducks aren’t the real issue

Re: “Geoduck regulations worry beach owners” (TNT, 7-29).

Geoduck farming is the tip of the shoreline zoning iceberg. The proposed Pierce County regulation creates four shoreside zones: natural, conservation, residential and commercial, then creates a fifth “anything goes” aquatic zone (subject to other agencies’ supposed review).

There should be consistency between permitted shoreside uses and adjoining aquatic uses.  Natural shoreside should require natural aquatic uses, for instance.  The proposed regulation, applied to any other jurisdiction, would in effect restrict uses of residential back and side-yards and allow most anything – a convenience store, an oil refinery, etc. in front

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PUGET SOUND: Shellfish farms create waste, too

Re: “Efforts to clean up Puget Sound get a new push” (TNT, 8-29).

I read this article with great interest. Correcting poor septic systems and farm runoff is necessary. The campaign to clean up dog waste is noble. Waste from 1.2 million dogs is a huge addition to the millions of wild animals that make Puget Sound home.

Gov. Chris Gregoire’s comment that she does not want to “flush” 4,000 acres of prime shellfish growing area down the drain is hopeful until you look at the photo accompanying the article. It reveals the massive concentration of shellfish in farms

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