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BOY SCOUTS: Shame on BSA’s anti-gay policy

Re: “Boy Scouts say they’ll continue to ban gays” (TNT, 7-19).

What are the troglodytes who run Boy Scouts of America thinking? Are they equating homosexuality with pedophilia? Those are two different subjects.

I have been a den mother twice in my life, and all children were welcome; they developed wonderful skills and had lots of fun together. At least two boys in my dens were gay and have grown up to be fine, outstanding citizens. It would have been a tragedy to have omitted these boys.

I have known at least one lesbian scout leader, and she was

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RELIGION: Article ably clarifies thorny debate

Steve Maynard has written an excellent article, “Dividing point” (TNT, 2-26), on the interpretation of the Scriptures that has caused great anguish for pastors and parishioners, particularly among the mainline denominations regarding human sexuality.

I believe he has rightly clarified from his interviews the continuing debate on the question of the authority of the Scriptures as the infallible source in following Jesus Christ and his inspired word, and those who would follow a prevailing interpretation of the Scriptures that seems to me to be more culturally and “politically” correct.

I personally take a more traditional or orthodox stand on

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RELIGION: Citing scripture risky for both sides

Re: “Dividing point” (TNT, 2-26).

It always amuses me when individuals quote scripture without actually proofreading what they quote. According to those who oppose ordination of gays and lesbians, we are all damned to the fires of hell. In 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10, it names those who will not inherit heaven, including fornicators. Hmmm. That leaves out probably 95 percent of those of us over age 16. And male prostitutes but not female prostitutes? What happened to gender equality?

On the other side, the quotations support having gays and lesbians in the churches, but nowhere state that they should

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MARRIAGE: Gregoire’s stance is welcome

Gov. Chris Gregoire is providing courageous and just leadership in her support for same-sex marriage (TNT, 1-5). Now the Legislature and the rest of us need to step up with our support. Making it legal is a matter of justice for all.

And it’s not difficult. Let the legal part of getting married be taken care of entirely at the courthouse. As couples now go there to obtain a marriage license to marry they would then go there and complete the marriage contract and be given a certificate of marriage. Nothing more to do: same for all, hetero or

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MARRIAGE: It’s time to stop discriminating

Re: “Gay marriage gains traction” (TNT, 1-5).

It’s about time that our state stops discriminating against a portion of our citizens. The rules regarding marriage should be the same for everyone. After all, it isn’t a church ceremony that makes a marriage legal. It is the license received from the state.

Kudos to the governor, and here’s hoping our Legislature will do the right thing. “Equal” rights are not “special” rights.


GAY RIGHTS: Why appease the Christian gay bashers?

Re: “Lacey woman to receive presidential honor” (TNT, 10-14).

The News Tribune ran an article about prostate cancer. It didn’t include a statement from a local Christian Science practitioner about how disease has nothing to do with viruses and bacteria but results from a lack of grace.

The article about Clarence Alford, who founded a group to encourage black students to succeed in school, didn’t have any quotes from the Washington chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

The writer of the article about the platelet shortage in Idaho spoke to someone from the Red Cross. He didn’t

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GOP: Debate crowd dishonored soldier

I decided to entertain myself by watching the latest Republican debate. I find it interesting that this party typically tags themselves as the most patriotic. One of the questions for the presidential hopefuls was asked via video by a gay soldier in Iraq. His question was whether they planned to reinstate the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy if they became president. The audience booed.

The boos were chilling in itself, but what was most dishonoring was that none of these potential commanders in chief felt it necessary to first thank the soldier for his service and admonish the audience for

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POLITICS: Gays, taxes and jobs

Three things to consider:

Don’t ask, don’t tell? It’s a big buzz in the popular press, but most federal and state government jobs that carry security clearance demand the “tell” part of this equation. Why? If you work for the State Department they don’t care if you’re gay but want to know so that you can’t be blackmailed or compromised.

If you’re gay, you’re better off in the hallowed halls of government than in the ranks of our poverty-stricken armed services.

Tea party? Has anyone read the Constitution or bothered to learn history? Look at income statistics for this

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