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MARRIAGE: Protect the rights of all

Re: “Overturn harmful legislation” (letter, 4-15).

The author claims that marriage between a man and a women is the foundation of civilization. To that person, only the people who subscribe to that concept of marriage can be included in civilization.

I find that very troubling. I am heterosexual, and I don’t personally understand why two men or two women who fall in love want to get married and have a life together equal to everyone else. But it is not important that I understand that. It’s only important that they have the right under our Constitution to be different

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MARRIAGE: God’s morality outweighs man’s

Re: “Catholic leader gets it wrong” (letter, 4-18).

It is correct that in 1973 a small percentage within the American Psychological Association declared that homosexuality was no longer pathological and removed the behavior off the deviant list.

At that time, a referendum was held to see if psychiatrists would agree to delete homosexuality from the deviant list. However, only 25 percent of the APA voted. Of those who voted only three out of five voted “yes.” That means only 15 percent of the APA voted to remove homosexuality from the diagnostic manual.

The diagnosis was political, and no one

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MARRIAGE: Archbishop gets it wrong

Last Sunday, our Catholic archbishop distributed a letter to every parish in Western Washington urging Washington’s Catholics to sign the petition for Referendum 74, which would overturn this state’s same-sex marriage law.

As a local physician, I find Referendum 74 incongruous. It has been more than a quarter century since the Academy of Psychiatry removed homosexuality from the list of sexual disorders. My profession has long since accepted homosexuality as a normal expression of human sexuality. To promote healthy, stable relationships within normal sexual expression would strengthen our social fabric.

But beyond this cold, clinical progress, gay marriage can be

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MARRIAGE: Overturn harmful legislation

Marriage in societal traditions is acknowledged as the foundation of civilization. It has long been recognized that the stability of society depends on the stability of family life in which a man and a woman conceive and nurture new life.

The basic family unit consisting of the marriage between a man and a woman is fundamental for the educational process and development of both individuals and states. This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society. Consequently, policies which undermine this natural, fundamental family structure, threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself.

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GOP: There’s no Republican war on women

There is no Republican war on women. This is not true. It’s a lie, one of a million told by the left.

I am a woman who resents the constant lies being told by the left. There is a war being waged aggressively by the liars on the left against babies in the womb, against marriage as designated by God, against freedom guaranteed in the Constitution and against true education.


MARRIAGE: Pick up a history book

Re: “Don’t trample religious rights” (letter, 2-28).

Could someone please direct the writer and the rest of his confused ilk to the history section of the local library? Marriage existed long before Christianity did, long before any organized religion still in existence did.

Claiming that ‘the Church’ invented it is nothing but a flaming example of ignorance and bigotry. Religious institutions already have the right to refuse to allow anyone to marry in their domains, so quit with the propaganda already.

Allowing all people to marry in no way invalidates the rights of bigots to continue to be bigots,

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MARRIAGE: Puritans believed marriage to be a civil contract

Re: “Don’t trample religious rights” (letter, 2-28).

Apparently, the letter writer would like Americans to go back to the early 1600s England when the English church, as part of the government, conducted most, but not all, marriages.

The Puritan founders of our country specifically did not consider marriage as a religious action but instead considered it as a civil contract under law and the authority of the government. They followed many of the religious customs of the East Anglian Congregationalists. They were very specific about this and wished to include divorce as a possibility.

Perhaps, the writer has not

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MARRIAGE: Keep religion out of civil matter

Re: “Exemptions shouldn’t be necessary” (letter, 2-7 12).

The writer says, “The mere fact that the law requires (religious) exemptions suggests that it is unconstitutional.” The letter also used the term, “the gospel of political correctness,” to refer to the gay marriage law.

Exemptions have always been necessary with reference to religious ideas because the United States is a secular country. We recognize the right of religions to exercise their beliefs even when  that belief constitutes discrimination. If making such an exemption were unconstitutional then religious organizations would pay taxes or have female clergy, etc.

The author says that

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