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BUDGET: Why target poor and middle class?

Re: “Inslee expected to sign $38.2B budget” (TNT, 7-1).

What’s this? We’re solving our state’s economic crisis on the backs of the poor, middle class and workers again.

Why is it always the easy solution? And I hear that we’re still not funding the schools at the level ordered by the state Supreme Court.

Oh, the rich don’t want to pay any more taxes? Well, we don’t either.

It’s amazing to me that we have one of the highest populations of wealthy people in our state, and we have the most regressive tax structure of any state. Of course

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GAS TAX: Increase isn’t the answer

Re: “Road-and-transit deal deserves bipartisan support” (editorial, 2-18).

You celebrate a proposed 11.7 cent per gallon increase in the gas tax as a victory for the taxpayers of Washington, the home of the most regressive tax system in the country.

Our current gas tax is 55.9 cents per gallon, which as of January is seventh highest in the nation. An 11.7 cent increase would ratchet us up to third highest; 18.4 cents goes to the federal government, leaving 37.5 cents for Washington.

An 11.7 cent hike would be a staggering 31.2 percent increase. If, as you state, this increase would raise $15 billion,

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GAS: Higher taxes will hurt low-income

Our governor and legislators are too eager to take advantage of lower gas prices by quickly passing an increase in the gas tax. Once the “low-price era” concludes, the increased taxes will remain, making it more difficult for low-income people.

We’re benefitting already from lower gas prices. Previous tax levels remain while people drive more, maintaining coffers at higher levels. The additional discretionary money is spent, adding to the treasury.

Two ways to have more money for roads:

• Stop spending hundreds of thousands of dollars erecting signs along Interstate 5 that tell drivers how much time it takes to get to a certain

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GAS: Put the brakes on new gas tax talk

There are two main reasons why raising yet another gas tax is ludicrous.

First, don’t ever believe in a promise that the tax will go away when prices increase. We all know full well that once a fee, tax or toll is implemented, it will remain forever. Our state gas tax is already high enough

Second, can’t we possibly enjoy one spring and summer with the lowest gas prices in years? The more people and families on the road leads to more money for local businesses and parks.

It’s so disappointing to read that as soon as we get relief there is a line

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TAXES: Our infrastructure’s been neglected for too long

It’s certainly nice to have the low prices we are paying for gas at present. However, I think we need to look beyond that immediate happy situation.

What a golden opportunity for the government to apply, say, a 50-cent-per-gallon tax to the existing low price of gasoline. The money from such a tax should be strictly reserved for infrastructure restoration, which is going to cost billions in this state alone and dear knows how many billions (trillions?) across the country.

Washington state currently has dozens of bridges which are classed as “structurally deficient.” We are beginning to face a huge safety problem

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TAXES: Tell legislators that enough is enough

It’s going to happen. The state will pass a transportation bill during the next 30 days that will increase prices again at the pump by up to 11.5 percent. Pierce County has already notified most residents that property taxes are going up. The City of Tacoma is still glowing in the decreased trash pick-up while charging customers the higher prices for larger containers (basically half the work with increased revenue).

If the proposed transportation bill (either the Democratic or the Republican version) does go into effect, it will allow other taxing entities (i.e., county or city) to add more taxes

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GAS TAX: Toll payers here to fund SR 520 bridge?

Re: “Lawmaker’s plan would roll back Narrows toll” (TNT, 12-5).

Once again, flush with no ideas, our leaders are going around the will of the people. After we voted “no” on nefarious increases (probably to have more cash for stuff like food), a 10 cent gas tax increase is being considered. We already have among the highest gas tax in the U.S.

To top it with a cherry, much of that money will go to replacing the state Route 520 bridge in Seattle, a bridge most of us never use. King County didn’t help us pay for the Narrows

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ROADS: Gas tax money should maintain and repair streets

Incorporated cities, towns and counties receive a portion of the gas tax receipts based upon population (RCW 46.68.110 and 120). Small towns have some of these funds controlled by the state for road repairs, however bigger cities and counties just receive the money into their general funds.

As I remember, in about 1950 Seattle got the state to change the law to allow that use – a change from the previous requirement that those funds must be dedicated to repair and maintenance of roadways. That’s why streets are in poor repair.

Taxpayers should demand that their government utilize all the

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