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TACOMA: Will customers share in trash savings?

Re: “Less-frequent trash pickup cuts costs” (TNT, 4-21).

The front-page article highlighted many successes of Tacoma’s every-other-week garbage pickup schedule implemented during the past year – lower fuel costs, less garbage hauled to the landfill, fewer trucks polluting the air (ostensibly less operation and maintenance costs also), fewer staffed positions required and greater recycling efforts.

These reductions are projected to culminate in a “savings” of $900,000 to $1.2 million per year. Now, may we please get the rest of this feel-good story?

What is the city’s budget plan for the projected savings? How are the savings going to be

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GARBAGE: Freeze potentially stinky stuff

Re: “Garbage stinks, but that’s not the worst” (letter, 9-12).

We live in Pierce County, and for years we have opted to have our garbage picked up every other week. Whenever we have garbage that could potentially go really bad (chicken, fish, etc.), we freeze it. We place it in our garbage can the night before or morning of pickup.

A very simple solution, and no one will be traumatized


GARBAGE: Food waste need not get maggoty

Re: “Garbage stinks, but that’s not the worst” (letter, 9-12).

Properly disposed food should not cause problems in residents’ garbage cans. All of our food scraps either go into the yard waste can or down the disposal. We rarely throw food into the garbage can. When we do, we first put it into a plastic bag and wrap it tightly, then dispose of it.

If possible, I might keep something like spoiled meat in the refrigerator until the night before pickup.

We dispose of dog waste in our can, but only before putting it into plastic bags. We have

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TACOMA: Garbage stinks, but that’s not the worst

It is unbelievable that the City of Tacoma decided that it would be appropriate to reduce garbage pickup to every other week.

We knew that when we placed spoiled chicken in the garbage that it would stink to high heaven in the heat of the past two weeks. Unfortunately, moving it around the property did nothing to reduce the stench surrounding us.

The worst thing, however, happened this afternoon when I rolled the can out to the curb. I opened it and found maggots crawling everywhere! I thought I might get through life without having to see maggots in person.

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TACOMA: City, not TPU, manages garbage pickup

Re: “Why aren’t garbage rates going down?” (letter, 1-14).

The writer is misinformed about who operates the solid waste utility. Tacoma Public Utilities Director Bill Gaines manages Tacoma Power, Tacoma Water and Tacoma Rail. He does not manage Environmental Services utilities, which include garbage, wastewater and surface water services.

Because customers receive bills from Tacoma Public Utilities for their electricity, water, garbage, wastewater and surface water, it can be confusing about who operates what utilities.

Environmental Services is run by Tacoma’s General Government, which is managed by City Manager T.C. Broadnax. Questions and concerns about garbage rates should be

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TACOMA: Why aren’t garbage rates going down?

Re: “Utility rate hikes proposed” (TNT, 10-10).

The Tacoma City Council should be asking Tacoma Public Utilities director Gaines where in the rates increase proposal is the request by TPU to lower garbage rates?

Gaines proposes that garbage rates remain the same as now – $74 bimonthly through 2014 – but in the same article we are reminded that our garbage pickup goes from weekly to every two weeks beginning in March 2013.

Why has Gaines not recommended to council that garbage rates be cut in half to reflect the cut in half of garbage pickup? Will TPU be

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GARBAGE: Freeze scraps for trouble-free disposal

Re: “Twice-monthly trash may start next year” (TNT, 4-30).

I had not realized just how much food waste I generate in a week, let alone two. One way to handle this food waste without odor or pests until pickup date is to freeze it.

Many people with families have large, chest-type freezers in the basement or garage, often not full. Even smaller freezers can be utilized: Make it a priority to scoop out a space. Put the newspaper-wrapped bundle into a plastic grocery bag, then put it in the freezer. On the day before or the day of brown

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TACOMA: Biweekly pickup working elsewhere

Re: “Twice-monthly trash may start next year” (TNT, 4-30).

I have worked for LeMay Inc. for 30 years. Rodents have and all ways will be a problem when it comes to garbage.

We started biweekly service in Pierce County in the 1990s, and customers seem to like the service. Some even have monthly pickup. I even noticed the volume of refuse I was picking up was less, meaning people are recycling more. Give it a try, Tacoma.