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TACOMA: Biweekly trash plan a big mess

The City of Tacoma intends to take its “pilot program” for garbage collection live beginning in March. Service will change from weekly pickup to every other week (TNT, 2-5). By November, following a phased-in approach, all 53,200 city customers will be affected by this change. Garbage will now sit at our homes for two weeks instead of one (longer over holidays).

Not only does this raise health and sanitation concerns, but this 50 percent reduction in service comes with no corresponding reduction in fees. We will continue to pay the same as before (larger can

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TACOMA: Garbage rates are effectively doubling

Re: “Council to weigh water, power rate hikes” (TNT, 1-30).

Tacoma is switching to every other week for garbage collection, yet the article tells us that “residential garbage rates will largely remain unchanged.”

The city is keeping the same rates but cutting the pick-up days in half. I currently pay $25.25 for a 20-gallon can to be emptied weekly. It will now be emptied every other week, basically doubling the price of garbage service.

I have the smallest can (20 gallons) because there are only two adults living in this household. I, like many others, may have to go

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