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GAMBLING: Inslee should have selected nontribal chairman

Our governor is showing his financial support with his appointment of the new Washington State Gambling Commission chairman (TNT, 10-18).

He selected a person who represents tribes in their agreements with the State of Washington and now will represent the State of Washington on the tribal gambling compacts. Is it just coincidental that the compacts are due for renewal in this upcoming year? Probably not.

For those who don’t know, compacts are the agreements in which the tribes tell the gambling commission what they are willing to “give” back to the state from proceeds of their casinos, but don’t allow

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GAMBLING: Casino proximity too much for the addicted

When the Emerald Queen Casino moved its operation to the East Side of Tacoma, the flow of gamblers came out of the woodwork. Many people have forgotten they had a life before this casino planted its building conveniently on bus lines and directly off freeway exits.

My previous addiction to gambling has made me aware to the thousands of people with gambling addictions who are not getting help with this problem. Living blocks away, I see the many faces of despair, sadness and people asking themselves why they spent every penny. They wanted to double their money before paying rent,

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LOTTERY: Scratch this idea to help farms

House Bill 1398 suggests that horses fare better on the farm if we make hay through the lottery.

While HB 1398 begins admirably enough with an all-American emphasis on the rural lifestyle. Who isn’t for cows and kids and barnyard smells? Yet to seek a dedicated source of funding for farms via scratch tickets has more the aroma of cow-pies than apple pie, given horses in the pasture will share equal gambling profits with racehorses on the track.

Adding to recipients of lottery revenue – education, stadiums and veterans – HB 1398 would divvy up 50/50 a further slice of

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GAMBLING: Current law is flawed, unenforceable

Re: “Online betting is a losing game for our state and our nation” (editorial, 8-2).

I am disappointed that, in writing an editorial on online gaming, you failed to check your facts.

First, current federal proposals to license online gaming, limited to poker, clearly give states full authority to decide whether they give their citizens the freedom to play poker online. This would in no way overturn Washington’s existing law – unless state lawmakers chose to do so.

Second, legislation pending in Congress would in fact strengthen, not repeal, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. In fact, HR

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CASINOS: Don’t intrude on national parks

Re: “Casino battles heat up” (TNT, 7-7).

The issues involved are complicated. But, after reading the whole article and thinking about some of the numerous possible viewpoints, I do end up believing this one is simple: Nobody, Native American, private business entity or anyone else, should be allowed to develop a casino of any scale anywhere near any entrance to or boundary of any national park, let alone inside one.

We have already violated the genuine “sanctity” of far too many national parks, and other designated and protected (or exploited) public lands for far too long. We must stop.

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GAMBLING: Judge proposal on facts, not rhetoric

Predictably, The News Tribune has once again bashed the proposal to authorize a limited number of electronic scratch ticket machines in nontribal card rooms (editorial, 2-17).

However, readers deserve to know the facts about House Bill 2786, not a rehash of arguments about proliferation and the social cost of gambling.

This bill specifically addresses past concerns about proliferation of gambling by limiting machine gaming to the 62 existing card rooms. Compared to the more than 25,000 machines currently in tribal casinos, the limit of 200 per location could hardly be characterized as putting “thousands of machines in state card

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GAMBLING: Online poker could be a revenue source

Washington state needs to look at licensing and regulating online poker as a new source of revenue.

Our state is already very pro-gambling – with lotteries, scratch tickets, pull tabs and casinos – yet we strengthen laws that make online poker a Class C felony.

It is fine to play at an Indian casino with none of that revenue going to the state. We need to do away with the criminalization of online poker and turn toward licensing and regulation. This would allow a new flow of revenue into the budget at a time when we are cutting essential services.

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GAMBLING: Funding needed for prevention, treatment

Re: “Boy, 3, left in car eight hours while woman gambled in La Center” (TNT, 5-27).

There is a lucky 3-year-old in Washington state today because an alert casino employee heard his cries. Will luck save the next child left in a car while a parent gambles for hours?

Most people can enjoy gambling for entertainment but, for some, gambling becomes a problem – even an addiction – as destructive as alcoholism or drug abuse. In Washington, help is available and it can begin with a toll-free call (1-800-547-6133).

Gambling is a $100 billion industry in the America. Washington state

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