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NORTH KOREA: No tears for human monster

So now its Kim Jong Il’s turn to go out with a whimper. Under his reign, millions of his own people starved while he ate lobster tails with golden chopsticks. Under his command he maintained an army of millions, and developed nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles. He repeatedly threatened neighboring countries with his weapons of mass destruction.

Now North Korea is again in turmoil, and they hate the United States, thanks to Kim’s propaganda machine.

And so another brutal leader is gone, along with Saddam Hussain, Osama bin Laden and other ak-Qaida leaders. And let’s not forget Moammar Gadhafi. Good

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LIBYA: This is getting embarrassing, isn’t it?

That darn Gadhafi. Why won’t he go away? Secretary of Defense Hillary Clinton says he must go, President Obama says he must go, even Republican John McCain says he must go.

Not only that, the U.N. resolution supports the rebels, whoever they are, and says its OK to bomb the heck out of Gadhafi’s troops, trucks and tanks and other distasteful accouterments. Yet, there he is, riding around in an automobile, sticking out his tongue at us and telling us we are useless numskulls.

So now the thought is to sneak in help and show the rebels, whoever

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LIBYA: Obama dithers on human rights

In 2009, President Obama gave a stirring speech in Cairo, Egypt, telling his adoring audience that freedom is a human right and that the United States will support human rights everywhere. Everywhere except Libya, where he is unwilling to do anything except dither.

As Gadhafi continues to bomb civilian population centers and import foreign mercenaries to help slaughter Libyans, Obama plays golf, watches basketball and holds parties in the White House.

The tyrants in places like North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Red China and Venezuela are learning that Obama can give a nice speech, but when it comes to choosing between

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