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GUNS: What are senators waiting for?

Re: “Senate rejects background checks, other gun measures” (TNT, 4-18).

I am the mother of a son who was shot in the face while driving a neighborhood road at noon by a known felon with a gun and a desire to kill someone.

If a law-abiding person is threatened by a law that requires a background check for all gun sales, I question the reality of what a “law-abiding citizen” really means.

Will it stop all gun violence? Of course not, but it will make it harder to buy a gun for people who do not pass that check.

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GUNS: Lessons from Kennesaw and Harvard

Kennesaw, Ga., is the antithesis of a gun-free zone (a target-rich environment). A 1982 ordinance required all households to own and maintain a gun. Crime dropped dramatically. Today, Kennesaw’s violent crime rate is only 15 percent of the national crime rate (cityrating.com) and 12 percent of Tacoma’s. Kennesaw has been murder-free for decades.

The Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy studied the issue worldwide. It found that gun ownership has an inverse relationship to crime. Luxembourg, where guns are banned, has a murder rate 10 times that of Germany, where the are 30,000 guns per 100,000 population.

In the

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