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GUNS: Don’t blame senators for FWay killings

Re: “In FWay, four more victims of American gun violence” (editorial, 4-23) and the accompanying cartoon’s last panel, asking why our senators voted against background checks.

What good would a background check have done? According to news reports, the perpetrator had a concealed weapons permit. I am certain that prior to his obtaining that permit, a background check would have been done. He had no arrest record, so he would have passed it.

It is a sad state of affairs, but no matter what laws are in place, the tragedy would have still happened. Everything that is now a

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ELECTION: Kochmar best for the 30th District

Linda Kochmar, through her hard work on the Federal Way City Council, has supported many strategies in the interest of the business community. What has happened on her watch and with her support?

She has worked with Realtors and developers to facilitate economic development during stressful economic times. Her stance on the budget during her tenure has been not to raise taxes and to face the challenge of balancing the budget with funds available.

When two businesses were poised to close down under financial hardship, she supported reducing the gambling tax so the businesses could keep people in Federal Way

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SOUTH KING: Support fire district excess levy

South King Fire & Rescue – encompassing Des Moines, Federal Way and parts of South King County – needs our help. Everyone knows that the economy the last few years has been in the dumps. But not everyone knows that our fire district’s operating funds come solely from property taxes; with property values decreasing 20 percent or more, it’s obvious that the district must tighten its belt.

It has already greatly reduced operating expenses: 23 personnel are gone, including 13 firefighter/EMTs, and a a full-time aid car and a half-time aid car have been eliminated. Unfortunately, the economic picture is

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FWAY: Carrie BeSerra for school board

I am writing in support of Carrie BeSerra for the Federal Way School Board, District 3. She has addressed what I perceive as the most current need in the Federal Way school system.

Our 30 percent dropout rate is unacceptable, and we have to find ways to decrease that number. Her solution is to increase the communication between parents and the individual teachers by use of e-mails and letters to be sent home to parents whose children are at risk of failing.

It is too late to tell a parent once the child has failed to prevent that child from

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