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FURLOUGHS: Disrespect isn’t limited to DOD employees

Re: “Defense personnel stripped of trust, faith and confidence” (TNT, 7-18).

The article by Mike Penland, a civilian employee at the Pentagon, illustrates the best and worst of the Defense Department in just a few paragraphs.

He cites some of the military’s core values and how most people work overtime to carry out the mission. Then he bemoans the discovery that those who work for the DOD are “nothing more than employees” because they face furloughs along with other federal workers.

In his mind, apparently, the people who collect the taxes to fund the military, the diplomats who save

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SEQUESTER: Furloughs hurt real people, the economy

I don’t work for the Defense Department, but I am a federal employee, and thousands upon thousands of us who work for other federal agencies will also be furloughed.

Throwing us out of work or cutting our hours does not help the unemployment rate, particularly in an economy that is not yet creating new jobs to be filled. Furloughing us does not help the economy. It doesn’t save your job or your business. Our paychecks get pumped right back into the local and national economy. We buy goods and services, and we help support local job creation and local businesses.

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STATE BUDGET: Actions are hurting economy

I was just informed by my electrician that the state Legislature closed down the Department of Labor & Industries Friday to save money. This means that no electrical inspections were done that day, which will slow down work on countless job sites across the state, including my own.

Our leaders are directly hampering the economic recovery while claiming to try to help it.

Local jurisdictions are taking from five to 10 weeks to issue building permits that formerly took two to three weeks to get approved because of staff reductions. These type of delays keep good, honest, hard-working men and

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BUDGET: If we spent like state government

With all of the headlines about government spending, I started thinking about what my life would be if my husband and I spent money like Olympia. We’d get new furniture; definitely a new kitchen; a new car every year; and take at least three trips out of state to find out how others live in places like China, South Korea and Dubai.

I know the budget is horrible: My husband was just furloughed to save the state $1,300. Then I read comments from state workers who make well over $100,000 about million-dollar mistakes.

If you and I spent money like

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GOVERNMENT: Waste is epidemic

I’m more and more convinced that everyone in our state government has gone crazy.

The vice president for business and finance at Washington State University is paid $304,000 per year, plus a state pension of an additional $105,000 for a total of $409,000 per year (TNT, 6-29). For what, I ask? Why so much?

The state Department of Transportation wasted nearly $1 million on an offramp that was built in the wrong place on the new Nalley Valley viaduct. Question: How much is the DOT administrator paid who let this happen?

And the state employees union has filed a grievance

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