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TELEMARKETING: FTC registry is a federal joke

I am certain that there must be thousands of Federal Trade Commission employees monitoring the government’s Do Not Call registry. But like the war on drugs, the war on poverty and so many other well-intentioned government programs, we also seem to be losing the war on telemarketing.

Ever answer the phone but no one responded after you have opened with a friendly hello? Then several more of your greetings are met with silence. If you are patient, a recorded message may offer you the chance of a lifetime, an offer too good to pass up or a method of extending

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ENVIRONMENT: TNT headline is misleading

Re: “Green seal is meaningless” (TNT, 6-3).

Quite bold of The News Tribune to make such a proclamation in the headline, since nowhere in the story are any facts offered up whatsoever; it simply described a far-left environmental groups lawsuit against the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), where nothing has been settled.

ForestEthics, the leftist group at the center of the story, is apparently claiming that the SFI is misleading corporate America and their customers by offering green certification to products not deserving that label. Again, nothing in the story collaborates that claim, and the story offered no opposing opinion.

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