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ECONOMY: Harrop ignores growing income gap

Re: “The fine art of deception by skillful omission of facts” (Froma Harrop column, 3-1).

Harrop criticizes a Nation magazine article focusing on New York City as a microcosm of the growing income gap between the “have” and the “have not” groups in the United States. She accuses the author of deceiving readers by “skillful omission of facts” but picks a few parenthetical lines from the article to craft an apology for the uber rich.

But the Nation article is loaded with facts, statistics and stories of several former workers laid low by the recession. For example, the lowest income

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HEALTH CARE: Repeal won’t increase deficit

Re: “Whipping health care reform, in a nice way” (Froma Harrop column, 1-19).

Harrop spent a lot of ink trying to convince readers that repeal of the new health care law would increase deficits by $145 billion over the 2012-2019 time period.

The health care act passed by Congress and signed by the president last spring included many desirable reforms, but at a rosy Congressional Budget Office estimated cost of $930 billion over 10 years. The cost is to be met by $500 billion in Medicare/Medicaid cuts and $410 billion in new revenues (translation: increased taxes).

I’m sure that most

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ECONOMY: Trust fund IOUs are toxic assets

Froma Harrop’s take on the solvency of Social Security (column, 11-17) is indeed unique. She writes, “Conservatives like to portray the trust fund as an empty vault. The money that’s been put into it for over a quarter century was not loaned to the federal government, they say, but spent.”

It is correct that the government loaned excess Social Security collections to itself, but the government also spent every dime of it. The trust fund is not a vault but a collection of IOUs; a substantial portion of those comprise our nearly $14 trillion national debt.

Sure, this collection of

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