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PUYALLUP: Mayor ignorant about shelter program

Re: “Assault causes security worries at library” (TNT, 1-8).

Recent violence at Puyallup’s library is inexcusable. However, Mayor John Knutsen’s irrational, misleading remarks reveal ignorance of a shelter program as well as problem-solving skills.

Freezing Nights churches, the sole east Pierce County shelter resource, has quietly pursued its mission for 10 years. Enduring considerable stonewalling, they complied with any city and community operating requests. Freezing Nights does not serve nor is responsible for all Puyallup’s homeless population.

Good Samaritan Hospital and Puyallup police frequently bring indigent outpatients and at-risk street people to church shelters. This community service provides shelter, food,

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PUYALLUP: Program attracts homeless to city

Re: “Feeling of safety isn’t there anymore” (letter, 4-4).

What the writer experienced is becoming a normal occurrence in Puyallup. My neighborhood has also been impacted in this manner.

A primary source of this issue is a church-led volunteer group that sponsors a program called Freezing Nights (FN). This program allows homeless folks to spend the night in local churches between November and the end of March.

On the surface this sounds like a good program concept. Unfortunately the FN program has few if any requirements for entry.

FN clients can be stoned or drunk and gain access for

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