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VERDICT: Cuthbertson spoke the truth about injustice

I heard Judge Frank Cuthbertson speak at the forum at Shiloh Baptist Church held in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict.

Cuthbertson had the courage to speak the truth about racial bias in our justice system, even though he knew that some would attempt to turn his words against him.

One letter writer did just that (TNT, 7-23), saying that Cuthbertson’s presentation was biased and “beneath his office.” I doubt that anyone who was present would agree.

Cuthbertson eloquently described historical and ongoing racial bias, inequality and profiling that permeate our society and corrode our justice system. The

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VERDICT: Disgraceful for judge to show his bias

My wife shared an article via social media that questioned the biased coverage of the George Zimmerman trial. She was immediately called out as a racist by a minority friend of ours.

The politically correct have no tolerance for opposing views. I would bet that is why The News Tribune didn’t see people celebrating the Zimmerman verdict. To support the outcome of the trial is equal to racism in the eyes of many in our community.

The TNT ran a prominent photo Sunday of Pierce County Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson wearing a “hoodie” in support of Trayvon Martin. I

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VERDICT: Cuthbertson forfeits his credibility

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson’s antics at Saturday’s Urban League rally (TNT, 7-21) were beneath his office and contrary to the public interest.

If the public is to have confidence in the integrity of our legal system, it is imperative that judicial officers uphold the dignity of their office and avoid any appearance of bias. Cuthbertson’s disregard for decorum has destroyed his own credibility and undermines public confidence in the courts at a time when that confidence is most vulnerable.

If the George Zimmerman trial were to be held in Pierce County tomorrow, is there any reason

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