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OIL: Cleaning up mess is a good family value

My mother, probably yours as well, taught me to clean up my own messes. If I spilled milk on the kitchen floor, if I tracked in mud from the garden or the barn, it was my responsibility to clean it up. I couldn’t blame it on someone else or ignore it. And I certainly couldn’t say no. So clean it up I did.

I learned that was one of the things you did if you cared about those you lived with. You took responsibility for your own mess. That’s part of what it means to be a good family member.

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MEDIA: No coverage of corporate crimes

The media obsess over the Boston bombing, trying desperately to turn it into a story about the usual suspects: brown-skinned foreign invaders. The media obsess over the lurid trial of Jody Arias, as if she is world-shaking news. The media obsess over the titillating story of Amanda Knox or the latest sex crimes in Cleveland.

Meanwhile, the media ignore the much more significant crimes of corporate deregulation. A whole town is devastated in Texas. More than 1,000 garment workers in Bangladesh die for our fashion industry. The Massey Energy Company in West Virginia kills or terrorizes its miners.

Halliburton and

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GAS: High prices help pay for ad blitz

Are you sick of the high gas prices and want to blame someone? You have been falsely told that it is President Obama’s fault.

Here is something to think about. The American Petroleum Institute, Exxon, and others are running 30-second ads on numerous TV stations telling how wonderful they are and how wonderful “fracking” will be for America. Last time I checked, prime-time TV ads were very, very expensive.

And now for the real crusher: You and I are paying for these ads with not only high gas prices but with the Republican oil subsidy. I say Republican because they

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OIL: Samuelson is wrong on energy

Re: “With right policies, U.S. can attain ‘energy independence’” (Robert J. Samuelson column, 4-5).

The initial display of reason in Samuelson’s recent piece was a welcome respite. Alas, to endure was to be dismayed. But I was resolute to wade through the hyperbole and grasp at straws of commonality.

Samuelson does admit we “can’t drill our way out of dependence” from “erratic” global oil-market gyrations which inflate gas prices (along with speculation) and over which we have “little control” and fesses up to the drill-baby-drill farce.

But onward and upward; Samuelson then imagines a fanciful natural gas nirvana.


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