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PROTEST: Bundy ranch and right-wing hypocrisy

Re: “Feds end controversial cattle roundup in Nevada” (TNT, 4-13).

We got one of the best examples of the right-wing conservative media’s hypocrisy: Cliven Bundy’s illegal use of federal land. Conservative media were perfectly OK with this family doing it.

This family grazed their cattle on federal land and by doing so needed to pay a usage fee that all other ranchers do in the Southwest. They decided to stop paying those fees in 1993. They owe more than $1 million. Yet Fox News did quite a few segments on how the federal government is creating a “showdown.”


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‘DUCK DYNASTY': Star entitled to his opinions

Uh oh, the GQ interview with “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has struck a raw nerve or two (TNT, 12-20).

I wonder what people would expect a 67-year-old man to do when asked questions about homosexuality and race. He answered it to the best of his ability and spoke what he believed to be the truth. Although his comments are disturbing, they are his feelings. They aren’t mine, but he is certainly as entitled to his opinion as I am to mine.

The LGBT crowd wants his head. A&E has put him on hiatus. As disgusting as his comments

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POLITICS: Through the looking glass into Foxland

Here is what people believe in Foxland:

The tea party “won” the government shutdown battle by identifying the moderate traitors in their ranks.

Barack Obama is an avowed Marxist, which is why he named Goldman Sachs and Wall Street, those well-known hotbeds of communism, to steward the economy, .

The Progressive Left loves Obama. Not at all. He is continuing Bush-style aggressive militarism and the shredding of the Bill of Right. We don’t even like him.

The mainstream media have a liberal bias, even though they are owned lock, stock and barrel by right-wing multinational corporations. Does this make any sense

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RACE: Some courageous, others are shameful

John F. Kennedy inspired America by citing people who had displayed great courage, and fortunately some still do.

Nothing takes more courage than speaking out against something that most of the people in your racial or ethnic group may advocate, and nothing is more shameful than trying to use those same people to advance a political agenda by screaming “racism” or “bigotry” in an attempt to silence others who may have an opposing point of view.

On the courageous side of the ledger list Don Lemon of CNN News, Juan Williams of Fox News and Bill Cosby. Knowing that they

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VERDICT: Media bias evident in Zimmerman case

The bias in the media concerning the Zimmerman trial was pretty bad. It’s was amazing how different networks slanted the story with their particular biases.

For example, if one were to watch Fox News’s coverage, George Zimmerman was clearly innocent and well on his way to a book deal about his trial, or maybe even a movie or two. On the other hand, MSNBC reported as if Zimmerman were guilty from the get-go, and he should be wearing an orange jump suit while awaiting a date with “Old Sparky,” Florida’s electric chair.

The point is, the media need to stop

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POLITICS: Krauthammer’s ‘Gotcha’ analysis

The column by President George W. Bush’s former policy adviser, Michael Gerson (“Extremist politics only serves to poison patriotism,” TNT 6-14), was perfectly juxtaposed below Charles Krauthammer’s weekly Obama attack piece (column, 6-14).

Krauthammer takes issue with the following Obama quote: “We reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.” Then Krauthammer pulls out another Obama quote: “You can’t have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy. . . . We’re going to have to make some choices as a society.”

In other words, we need to make some hard choices in

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PUYALLUP: Schools are low priority for too many

It looks like the Puyallup school bond has failed. More than 10,000 residents of the Puyallup School District voted no. They do not want to pay an extra $12 a month in taxes to improve our schools.

Every night of the week, restaurants on South Hill are jam-packed and Puyallup residents can’t spare one meal’s worth of money for schools? I cannot imagine what people are thinking or where our priorities lie anymore.

If these are public school parents who voted against their own kids, they need their head examined. If these are private school and home school parents voting

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MEDIA: Reporters often don’t dig deeper

Karen Peterson’s admonition for reporters to dig deeper into stories (column, 1-20) seems a bit odd given how many newsworthy stories are ignored by the mainstream media. It seems that those happenings that are potentially harmful to the Obama administration sort of sink to the bottom of media’s curiosity and scrutiny.

A case in point is the bogus imprisonment of a U.S. Marine combat veteran in Mexico from August to just before Christmas last year.

His family went through appropriate channels to attempt getting their son released from the renegade prison where he was being detained under threat of

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