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PUYALLUP: Schools are low priority for too many

It looks like the Puyallup school bond has failed. More than 10,000 residents of the Puyallup School District voted no. They do not want to pay an extra $12 a month in taxes to improve our schools.

Every night of the week, restaurants on South Hill are jam-packed and Puyallup residents can’t spare one meal’s worth of money for schools? I cannot imagine what people are thinking or where our priorities lie anymore.

If these are public school parents who voted against their own kids, they need their head examined. If these are private school and home school parents voting

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MEDIA: Reporters often don’t dig deeper

Karen Peterson’s admonition for reporters to dig deeper into stories (column, 1-20) seems a bit odd given how many newsworthy stories are ignored by the mainstream media. It seems that those happenings that are potentially harmful to the Obama administration sort of sink to the bottom of media’s curiosity and scrutiny.

A case in point is the bogus imprisonment of a U.S. Marine combat veteran in Mexico from August to just before Christmas last year.

His family went through appropriate channels to attempt getting their son released from the renegade prison where he was being detained under threat of

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LIBYA: The media’s cover-up of the cover-up

It has been nearly two months since four U.S. citizens were murdered by Muslim terrorists on American soil in Libya, and the Obama administration – which promised to be so transparent – has still not even attempted to let the American people know what actually transpired before, during or after the slaughter.

Unfortunately, the liberal media are complicit in the cover-up because instead of demanding that the president hold a news conference to let the public know what really happened, with the exception of Fox News, they have been largely silent about the matter.

The job of the news media

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ELECTION: Endorsement didn’t go far enough

I appreciate The News Tribune’s thoughtful and measured endorsement of President Obama for re-election (editorial, 10-24).

However I feel it left out something important. I wish the editorial board would have called out the hateful bashing of the president the last four years by right-wing talk radio and Fox News. I wish that the board had pointed out that its endorsement came after thoughtful consideration and was not colored by the four-year right-wing propaganda machine run by conservative pundits and entertainers for profit.

Based on the number of letters to the editor published online and in hard copy in

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MEDIA: What Fox News does isn’t news

Re: “Watch wide variety to get the truth” (letter, 9-13).

The letter writer states he is a Libertarian and prefers to watch new shows that feature Libertarian points of view. He also says that Fox News and Fox Business News are the only two channels that offer Libertarian views.

He goes on to say that all the other news channels on TV have a left-wing bias. I couldn’t disagree more. Only Fox News watchers consider ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN to be biased toward the left.

Fox News is the center of the political right-wing, religious fundamentalist universe. If

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MEDIA: Watch wide variety to get the truth

I am a Libertarian and like to hear other Libertarians on the news analysis shows I watch. The only channels that have any Libertarian speakers at all are Fox News and Fox Business Channel.

Judge Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel are two great Libertarian celebrities who often have on-air discussions with guests from Reason Magazine and the Cato Institute. Both are great Libertarian organizations.

Some people think Fox misinforms or underinforms its viewers. Those people criticize Fox for having a conservative (and somewhat Libertarian) bias. What these people don’t realize is that all media have bias in one way or

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MEDIA: Fox News misinforms viewers

According to Jon Stewart, Fox News viewers are the most misinformed people in America. I agree. Misinformed, not uninformed. Proof:

• While scientists have concluded global warming is real, Fox News reports that the science is still in doubt.

• While the Obama administration has done nothing to restrict the use or ownership of guns, Fox News glibly reports on a fictional U.N. treaty that intends to remove guns from the citizens of the U.S. (The NRA is behind this, too.)

• While the oil companies played with raising gas prices this past spring, Fox News reported that the Obama

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MEDIA: Only Fox News provides both sides’ opinions

Re: “Fox, MSNBC viewers see the world differently” (TNT, 7-27).

Everyone knows that people who watch MSNBC and CNN are liberal and that most everyone who watches Fox News is conservative. The real issue is how the news is reported. Yes, Fox News does lean right, but MSNBC and CNN are both left. They report only liberal-left ideas and agendas, never offering a different point of few or opinion.

Every Fox News program presents both opinions so that the listeners can make up their own mind instead of having someone telling tbem how it should be. Fox News pits

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