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CHARLESTON: Hard to believe racism deniers

I grieve the murder of nine innocent African Americans as they prayed in their church in South Carolina, a state where the Confederate flag still flies with pride.

It is unbelievable that even in the face of the accused shooter’s own racist comments, “I wanted to start a war between the blacks and whites,” some of our so-called political leaders deny it was a racist attack.

Rick Perry says it was an accident. Jeb Bush says we don’t know the cause. Fox News, along with others, declares it a terrorist attack on Christianity. If I follow this thinking to its logical

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FOX NEWS: O’Reilly and Fox are a perfect match

Re: “O’Reilly, Fox ‘News’ are proof of old P.T. Barnum adage” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 3-13).

Bill O’Reilly and Fox News are a perfect match. Fox is a news organization in name only, and O’Reilly has little regard for the truth. His most ridiculous claim is that his TV show is a no-spin zone. He constantly states his opinion, and that is what spinning is.

Unlike NBC’s Brian Williams, O’Reilly will never lose his job or his ratings for fabricating a false version of himself because the purpose of Fox is to promote a very conservative socio/political agenda, regardless

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FOX NEWS: Pitts seeks retribution against O’Reilly

I feel sorry for Leonard Pitts Jr., the nemesis of conservative news and commentary.

Pitts once again is attacking Fox News (column, for airing the story of former NBC news anchor, Brian Williams, who was caught lying. Now, in retribution, Pitts is trying to denigrate Fox newsman Bill O’Reilly, by accusing him of lying. You know the saying, an eye for an eye.

Let’s cut to the chase. Pitts and and his liberal followers just cannot face the fact that Fox News ranks highest among all other cable and media news stations in trust and viewer ratings.


FOX: Pitts rant reflects far left’s prejudice

The schoolyard rant (TNT, 1-25) by Leonard Pitts Jr. about the dastardly and evil Fox News is, at best, pathetic. He acts as if there is nothing salvageable concerning one of America’s most popular news outlet.

Fox, like all news organizations, makes periodic mistakes. Typically they are careful to check out their sources, but no organization is perfect. Fox readily takes responsibility for the few errors they make.

According to Pitts, Fox News is “the propaganda arm of an extremist ideology that spews racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, paranoia and manufactured outrage.” Pitts’ hatred for conservative principles, unfortunately, is widespread among

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POLICE: Writer falsely criticizes Fox News

Re: “Injustice is a festering wound” (letter, 12-28).

The letter writer prefaces his comments by asserting that Fox News had blamed the murders of two New York City cops on “anyone who demonstrated against the failure of the court system” with regard to police prosecutions.

Any objective person would know that Fox News, as an entity, certainly did not blame anything on anyone. I take with a grain of salt any comment from anybody who doesn’t know the difference between hard news and opinion. I hardly think that The News Tribune would be willing to assume responsibility for every column appearing in

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ELECTION: Propaganda takes its toll

Now that the election is over, it is clear that six years of anti-Obama, anti-liberal propaganda eschewed by Fox “News” and the likes of Rush Limbaugh have taken its toll. I am not surprised that Republicans, living in irrational fear of the “anti American socialist and his unpatriotic heathen party,” had good results this cycle.

Who could not have predicted that republicans would win big this year? Fear, anger and hate are great motivators. And, partisan fear, anger and hate run amok, broadcast into our homes and minds 24/7 under the guise of being fair and balanced “news.”

Fox tells

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OBAMACARE: Deception in the ACA’s intent

Two architects of the Affordable Care Act - Ezekiel Emanuel, a bioethicist and fellow at The Center for American Progress, and MIT economist Jonathan Gruber - recently voiced troubling information regarding the intention of Obamacare.

Emanuel wrote an article in the Atlantic last month, “Why I Hope to Die at 75,” in which he argues that in many ways those who manage to live beyond 75 become a burden on health care resources and seldom make meaningful contributions to the quality of life for society as a whole. This simple-minded assessment seems to overlook the drain on resources presented by drug addicts, alcoholics, the

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IRAQ: Our attempts at democracy won’t work

If the Republicans and Democrats have one sure thing in common, it’s the predictability with which they will blame each other when bad things happen and take credit for themselves when they perceive good things have happened. This latest mess in Iraq is a prime example of this behavior.

When George W. Bush was in power, the usual suspects over at MSNBC, Democraticunderground.com and the rest of the left-wing media were assailing Bush’s policies vis-à-vis Iraq. They couldn’t wait to point out Bush’s mistakes and the terrible financial expense and cost in blood that America was paying for its meddling

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