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LAKEWOOD: No need to revisit a bad idea at park

The Lakewood Parks and Recreation Advisory Board scheduled a neighborhood forum for Tuesday, March 24, in Fort Steilacoom Park to revisit a bad idea: building a performing venue in the park for future extravaganzas (TNT, 5-25).

This white elephant is being promoted by the Lakewood Rotary, which wants to build and maintain a complex with some grant but, in the end, mostly public money to promote venues that profit Lakewood Rotary.

Anyway, the meeting was rescheduled to a new location with almost no notice. About 50 people, all of whom oppose the project, showed up at the original park location.


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LAKEWOOD: Amphitheater a bad fit for park

The News Tribune’s editorial support (3-31) for the proposed amphitheater in Fort Steilacoom Park is misplaced.

I was also a bit shocked to learn that there was not one cautionary vote from the Lakewood City Council. We appreciate the work that the Rotary Club of Lakewood has done for the park by helping build the ball fields and playground. I submit, however, that this latest project goes way too far.

At its most fundamental level it will put an end to the park as a park. A park is a place of
repose, a place where families can

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LAKEWOOD: Cigarettes aren’t the real problem

As several recent letter writers have advocated for the Lakewood ban on smoking cigarettes in public parks, I offer something else to put in their pipes to smoke.

Every time I go to Fort Steilacoom Park, the air is so thick with car exhaust and wood smoke, I often think of cautioning joggers about running in such polluted air. They should be wearing gas masks. The respiratory problems caused by carbon dioxide and wood smoke particulates make the pollution caused by a few cigarettes almost negligible.

The park is bordered on one side by Pierce College, whose parking lots are

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RACCOONS: Be aware when on wildlife’s turf

The attack on my neighbor by raccoons was horrendous (TNT, 7-11), and my heart goes out to her. But we need to understand our responsibility to residential wildlife.

First, we are the encroachers. We have developed this area until there is little refuge left; the remaining wildlife survive by living near us, not by choice but by necessity.

There once were two dozen raccoons that roamed my area. Now there are five, with only two or three kits among them. Coyotes, dogs, starvation and cars have seen to that.

We have to be aware when we step into their

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DOGS: Why are so many owners irresponsible?

Randomly the News Tribune prints photos which include dogs off leash in our parks and public areas. The photos relating to parks on Jan. 3 really caught my attention.

Pictured is a responsible owner with his three dogs off leash in the dog park at Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood. In contrast, another photo shows a dog owner allowing his dog to romp freely where a leash is required as the sign in the picture states.

I have addressed the Tacoma City Council regarding off-leash dogs to no avail. Metro Parks has little interest in fenced off-leash parks other than

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