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FORT HOOD: Religious reference doesn’t make shooting terrorism

Re: “Massacre was terrorism, not workplace violence” (letter, 8-9).

The writer uses the same old deception that we’ve come to depend on by conservatives: Because the Fort Hood shooter yelled a religious slogan, that makes this a “terrorist” event.

When there are events where other religious slogans are shouted – like “God bless (fill in the blank)” – does that makes those events terrorism as well?

How about recognizing that the Fort Hood shooter was mentally incapacitated, and his penchant for religious slogans is but a part of his ailment?


FORT HOOD: Massacre was terrorism, not workplace violence

Six members of my family of nine served in the U.S. military during time of war, and for our president to be so worried about offending any members of the Islamic faith that has spawned so many terrorists, and for trying to pass off the Benghazi hate-America slaughter of four U.S. citizens, including our ambassador, as simply a response to a movie is an insult not only to the intelligence to all Americans but especially to the families of Americans whose members have served or are now serving their country in the armed forces.

President Obama seems to be so

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