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FORESTS: Viewpoint writer made serious factual error

A Viewpoint (TNT, 7-2) by David Overton included a serious factual error about the Forest Stewardship Council. His claim that the FSC provides money to ForestEthics, an environmental advocacy organization, is entirely false and reckless. We hope the error was based in the author’s ignorance and was not an intentional inaccuracy.

We’d also like to set the record straight about choices in forest certification. There are, in fact, considerable and substantive differences in the objectives and outcomes of existing programs.

Most environmental organizations, including many advocacy groups, exclusively endorse the FSC because they are able to play a direct

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FORESTS: Timber permits program needs streamlining

Re: “Timber industry shouldn’t take advantage of a bad situation” (Viewpoint, 5-11).

Our state deserves a forest practices program that protects the environment not just comprehensively, but efficiently. This kind of critical reform is what timber companies are asking from the Legislature during this session, when government reform is needed more than ever.

The forest practices program, which issues timber permits, serves an important purpose but has become bloated and does not serve taxpayers or the environment. Some reasonable streamlining of the program – eliminating redundancies and waste – will help our state better protect the environment.


FORESTS: Protections aren’t endangered

Re: “Timber industry shouldn’t take advantage of a bad situation” (Viewpoint, 5-11).

If only the choices were so simple. I work in the timber industry. My husband is, like the author, a middle school teacher. We are both extremely fortunate to have employment in these difficult times.

We both see shameless examples of waste in government. I daresay Shandra Crosby can point to a few examples in her own school district. That’s why forest landowners have been working with legislators to craft a law that will streamline operations, similar to what we do when our household budgets are strained.


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FORESTS: Stronger management needed

Alarm bells went off after reading Mark Quinn’s Viewpoint (TNT, 4-28) on the forest management rules proposed by the U.S. Forest Service.

I am shocked that in the midst of the Obama administration’s advocacy for the use of best available science – a great reprieve from the attempts to shove science in the closet by the previous administration – these rules only call for forest managers to “take into account” best available science.

While I appreciate that this is the first time they’ve attempted to update the existing regulations in my lifetime, I am bewildered as to the scaling back

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