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AID: US can do more for mothers of the world

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we appreciate our good fortune of living in a country where health care is assumed and very few children die at birth or soon after.

Unfortunately that is not true in the developing world, where 6.3 million children die annually, mostly of preventable causes, before they reach the age of 5. Additionally, 289,000 mothers die from pregnancy- related complications. We currently have the technology to prevent most of these deaths.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) administers large sums of money that the U.S. provides for elimination of these deaths within 20

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FOREIGN AID: We must support world stability

Re: “Guide to years ending in 4″ (thenewstribune.com, 1-1).

This article brought up some interesting and fun facts. Let us hope that 2014 is indeed the “year of action” in spite of our hurting economy.

It is reported that the total U.S. federal budget directly or indirectly attributable to the military is about $1 trillion a year. After we invaded Iraq, occupation authorities, led by the U.S. military, did little to protect water and sewage treatment plants but did immediately provide protection to its oil fields, while preventable conditions like malnutrition, dysentery and typhoid became rampant.

So are we

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AID: Don’t leave matching donor funds on the table

Re: “Trapped in the news cycle” (TNT, 11-18).

Jonathan Bernstein is right that “it’s the policy accomplishments that count” for a presidency, not the front-page news battles.

President Obama made the right policy decision pledging $5 billion to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This pledge is based on matching other donors 1 to 2, thus giving the Global Fund the $15 billion it needs to be successful in the battle to control AIDS, tuberculosis and Malaria.

The president urged other donors not to leave any of this money on the table. So far $8 billion

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FOREIGN AID: Help Americans first

Here in the U.S. we have people on welfare or unable to find jobs, people living on the streets because there are no programs to help them as money is tight, and mentally ill with little to no hope for treatment. We are now under sequestration rules which have cut back many programs and services and forced workers to take furloughs from work, placing a hardship on their own families.

Yet daily in the paper or on television I learn that we are sending hundreds of millions of dollars to other counties to help their citizens prosper and get their

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HUNGER: US should contribute more to fight hunger

World Hunger Day is on May 28, and June 8 is the Nutrition for Growth pledging conference in the United Kingdom. This reminds us of the vital need for solid nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life.

One-fourth of all children under five years old are chronically undernourished, which leads to retarded brain and body development. On World Hunger Day, this one day alone, 6,800 children will die from hunger. This translates to 2.5 million child deaths a year

Many of these deaths are preventable with greater investments in proven, cost-effective nutrition programs. The U.S. invests less than 1

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FOREIGN AID: Hunger isn’t just an empty belly

Hunger isn’t just an empty belly thing. Globally, it’s a death sentence for 2.5 million kids annually. And the 165 million more that do survive are damaged physically and cognitively for life. One in four children under the age of five is stunted in this manner.

While the human and economic costs of undernutrition are enormous, the solutions are basic, proven and cost-effective. But between 2009 and 2011, just 0.3 percent of U.S. foreign aid went to basic nutrition. Every $1 invested in nutrition generates as much as $138 in better health and increased productivity. Undernutrition can cost countries up

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AID: Put strings on Israeli aid, too

Re: “When handing out foreign aid, tie it to political concessions” (Charles Krauthammer column, 3-8).

Krauthammer chides Secretary of State John Kerry for offering Egypt $250 million with no strings attached. A letter writer (TNT, 3-10) claims that the U.S. should apply that $250 million to our own debt, not give it away. Neither Krauthammer nor the writer notes that the U.S. gives Israel an annual entitlement of $3.5 billion: billion, not million.

After the 1978 Carter-Sadat-Begin agreement at Camp David, the U.S. began supplying Egypt with annual aid, tacit payoff for maintaining peace with Israel. We should

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AIDS: We’re making inroads against AIDS, TB

The article regarding that Mississippi baby born with HIV but subsequently appearing cured is certainly exciting news (TNT, 3-5). Prevention, of course, is a tool we already have.

The most cost-effective HIV preventions are mother-to-child transmission intervention and male circumcision. Globally, one in every seven HIV infections occur when a mother passes the virus on to her child.

We know that early AIDS treatment reduces the occurrence of tuberculosis infection by 84 percent. This is critical, since TB is the biggest killer of people with HIV.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria has accomplished amazing inroads

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