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HOUSING: Help those facing foreclosure

Re: “No report on peaceful May Day here” (letter, 5-3).

I would like to follow up by saying that there are many positive and worthy events to write about in Tacoma. I am a volunteer with”Stay In Your Homes, a Tacoma-based community group, newly formed by concerned citizens of Pierce County. Our purpose is to help families who are at risk of losing their
homes to foreclosures and short sales.

These are often terrifying and embarrassing situations for people experiencing these hardships through no fault of their own. As contributing members of this community, it should be our duty

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HOUSING: Foreclosure moratorium idea is crazy

Re: “State needs five-year moratorium on foreclosures” (Viewpoint, 11-9).

Dan Leahy offers an interesting solution to the mortgage foreclosure problem: Use the power of government to impose a moratorium on foreclosure actions.

If foreclosure is the one penalty lenders have to enforce mortgage contracts, and that power is suspended, why should anyone with a mortgage make another payment?

If Leahy thinks the $19.5 billion already trimmed from total home equity in Washington is large, what does he suppose the figure will be when payment of mortgages becomes “optional”? Real estate markets will simply freeze. Municipalities, which depend on real estate

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HOUSING: Bad choices shouldn’t be rewarded

Re: “State needs five-year moratorium on foreclosures” (Viewpoint, 11-9).

The writer, Dan Leahy, states we need to return to reality and then he himself runs as far away from it as possible.

Yes, there was a housing bubble. Some people gave bad advice, some people took it. Some people took mortgages they couldn’t afford, and some banks granted mortgages that could not be paid back.

Reality entails responsibility across the board. Leahy seems to feel that is too harsh and should only be selectively assigned.

Those who gave bad advice should be out of a job, and no one should

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HOUSING: Government, media are complicit

So let me get this straight. Lenders take money to put huge numbers of unqualified borrowers into mortgages far beyond their ability to repay. Then, when the easily foreseen defaults come to pass, they prepare fraudulent documents and forecloses on those mortgages, taking dreams, down payments and equity with them.

And The News Tribune (editorial, 10-20) refers to those actions in terms like “skirting the rules,” “inattention to details,” and “unethical?” How about reprehensible, shameful and contemptible? What about culpable and, yes, criminal?

The corporate megaliths count on media and government’s hesitation and soft pedaling of both the scope and

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