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CYCLISTS: Would-be racers shouldn’t be on trail

My wife and I spent the day on the Foothills Trail in Orting. The trail, a county park financed by Pierce County is designed for casual recreational bicycle riding, walking, wheelchairs and horses. It has been overtaken by irresponsible cyclists training for racing or wishing they could be racers.

The 10 mph speed limit is blatantly ignored by racing-style peletons of two, four or six bicycles traveling together well over twice the posted speed as they zip by. They loudly yell “On your left,” and you hope and pray you can get your kids to safety in time for their

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CYCLISTS: Don’t train on the Foothills Trail

My congratulations to Conor Collins for the success during 2013 in his competition bicycle racing (TNT, 12-29). I’m certain he and his parents are proud of his effort, as they should be.

However, I’m one of those people who thinks he and other racing enthusiasts should find an alternate location for practicing.

I’ve watched a team of racers, all decked out in their gear, cruise by an elderly gentleman just out for a walk. They nearly knocked him down, and none of them slowed down one iota. They apparently thought they were in a European Tour team time trials,

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TRAILS: Fund completion of nonmotorized trails

Although nonmotorized trails are typically owned and operated by county parks departments and are generally thought of as recreation resources, they are also transportation corridors. They provide links between work, school, parks, shopping and businesses.

Every cyclist on an errand using a trail removes a driver from the roads. Therefore, the transportation budget should include funding for nonmotorized trails.

Nonmotorized trails will be most effective when they form a useful network between and within our communities. It has taken far too long to achieve this.

For example, the Foothills Trail Coalition has been in existence for 25 years, promoting the

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FOOTHILLS TRAIL: A great opportunity for Pierce County

Re: “Foothills Trail designated a national recreation trail” (TNT, 5-31).

This is great recognition for a dream that began in the heart of one of the last house-call physicians in East Pierce County, Dr. Douglas A. Tait of Buckley. He envisioned people being able to walk between his hometown and South Prairie, Wilkeson, Carbonado, Orting and Puyallup along the same route formerly traveled by the Northern Pacific Railroad.

Much has been accomplished, but much more work needs to occur to bring his dream to fruition.

On Saturday, National Trails Day will be celebrated on the Foothills Trail when the

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PIERCE COUNTY: Trail didn’t drain park dollars

Re: “Sprinker: Faded jewel fighting for its life” (letter, 7-1).

The writer cites the Foothills Trail as one of the new parks built over the last quarter century while “Sprinker quietly rotted away.”

While I cannot speak for other projects, I can assure the writer that the Foothills Trail was not built with local tax dollars. In fact, because of the early controversy surrounding the project, then County Executive Joe Stortini attempted to assuage opponents by assuring them that no general funds would be used.

Land purchases, planning and construction of the Foothills Trail were mostly funded with highly competitive

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