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SPORTS: Reduce travel by shortening seasons

Although I have long been a fan of pro basketball and hockey, I have a distinct dislike for the extended seasons of these two “winter” sports into the month of June.

Seasons could be shortened, while keeping the number of games constant, if only these two sports would follow the game of baseball by adopting the two- and three-game series, the latter for intradivisional games. This would have the side benefits of reducing travel costs and player weariness over fairly long seasons.

Baseball could also reduce time and travel by ending the two-game series and expanding the number of four-game

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FROSTY: Westering used football to teach

Re: “‘Ultimate playbook’ gave Frosty inspiration for life” (TNT, 5-5).

It’s been said that a teacher or coach can affect a person for a lifetime, and no one can tell where his or her influence stops. For anyone fortunate enough to have known Coach Frosty Westering, that certainly defines him and is a fitting legacy.

Bottom line: Frosty used the football field as his classroom, and countless young people are better off for it.

One of his players observed that “football was just a vehicle he used to show what was beyond.” Aptly put.


PUYALLUP: Don’t put ninth-graders on high school football teams

Re: “Puyallup 9th-graders can play high school sports” (TNT, 4-25).

Puyallup would be making a mistake to move the ninth-grade football players up to the high school level.

Allowing ninth-graders to play in sports such as football with upperclassmen will be bad for the students’ overall health. Expecting an average 14- or 15-year-old to cover a 17- or 18-year-old senior is dangerous to the younger players and can result in more injuries in an already dangerous sport.

Also, the younger students will be put on larger teams with fewer coaches who will focus more on the varsity team than

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FOOTBALL: Game isn’t going away anytime soon

Regarding your recent article proclaiming football is a dying sport (TNT, 4-28):

Obviously the author has no idea what football is like in the South. From Texas to Florida, people take their football as seriously as their Bibles and their Tabasco sauce! From Friday night lights to all the colleges and universities that depend on football for most of their annual income. There will be generation upon generation of athletes willing to, wanting to and talented enough to play professional football.

No sir, football isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, I do see a lot more padding in the

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NFL: Seattle fans had to ‘suck it up,’ too

When the “real” referees made two bad calls that cost the Seahawks any chance of winning Super Bowl XL, the NFL, ESPN commentators and and Pittsburgh fans told us to “suck it up,” “quit whining” and “it’s over and it’s not going to change!”

Please relay these comments to the NFL, ESPN commentators (especially Jon Gruden) and our president regarding Seattle’s Monday night win.


FOOTBALL: Game raised to cultish level

Football is America’s campus religion. There are major American universities known for nothing but their football programs. Football controls their financial life.

When scandal and crime touch the Church of College Football, the institution’s first response is often to cover it up, to protect the priesthood of coaches. Is it any wonder our academic standards have fallen behind other nations, when we venerate football above scholarship?

College football is not too big to fail. We must not allow academic institutions to elevate the cult of football above learning and justice.