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FOOD: Farmers markets criticism was undeserved

Re: “Growing assumptions” (TNT, 9-17).

The article on local food quoted a farmer who I’m sure is a nice man who works hard. But since he sells his cabbages in bulk to large retailers as far away as Russia, I suspect he’s not the best judge of the safety of small farmers who sell their food in local farmers markets.

Tim Richter suggests that these markets are “more dangerous sources of food,” and “anybody can go plant stuff in their backyard.”

Are you kidding me? Every week I go to farmers markets in Tacoma and enjoy fresh, local, delicious

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FOOD: Industry, regulators should ensure meat safety

Re: “Study: Chicken, ground beef are riskiest meats” (thenewstribune.com, 4-23).

The Associated Press piece on “riskiest meats” brings up vital issues surrounding food production in the U.S., but overemphasizes “defensive eating.” This approach unfairly obligates consumers to personally ensure the safety of products that have already passed industry and government standards.

Individuals should always take precautions when handling raw meat, however, they should be able to have confidence in animal products approved and regulated by the FDA and USDA.

With the Centers for Disease Control estimating that one in six Americans contracts a foodborne illness annually, it’s imprudent to

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