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BUDGET: Put people ahead of tax loopholes

The state budget is vitally important to our neighbors who are struggling to find affordable housing, a good-paying job, affordable health care and nutritious food. Thousands of Pierce County families would fall farther through the cracks if not for our safety net.

Budgets are about values; they are a reflection of our priorities. The House budget puts children and communities first; the Senate budget keeps costly tax loopholes open at the expense of the most vulnerable. We can’t protect special interest tax breaks while cutting access to essential services for children and families.

Many families in our community and across

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HUNGER: State cuts target children of color

In 2012, FISH Food Banks of Pierce County served 556,298 individuals, or 140,414 families in Pierce County that faced significant financial hardships, an increase of 24 percent in just one year.

Washington State Food Assistance is vitally important to meeting this growing need. For more than 15 years, Washington has wisely and strategically leveraged national resources to ensure that food stamps reach families that need it most.

However, during the recession, State Food Assistance was slashed for thousands of children growing up in immigrant families, nearly all of whom are children of color. At a time when an estimated one in

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HUNGER: Strike resolved, but hunger remains

Perhaps one of the positive things to come out of the recent teacher’s strike is a greater community awareness of the high levels of hunger in our community, particularly amongst children.

Contrary to the views of a recent letter writer (TNT, 9-23), a significant percentage of families are unable to provide enough food for their families. Many rely on free or reduced school meals for their children during the school year, but the need for food assistance continues over the weekend and when school is out of session.

At the St. Leo Food Connection, we try to meet this need

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HUNGER: Donate to food banks

Hunger is a serious topic all over the world, and many people die from it every day. Research says that 14 percent of the world goes hungry every day. That’s about 49 million people without food to eat. Most people can’t even wrap their head around that big of a number, so to give you an idea, combine the populations of Washington, Oregon, California, Utah and Idaho. That’s a lot of people! Read more »