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TACOMA: Food deserts are real for too many

Columnist Matt Driscoll got it right when he wrote about food deserts in Tacoma-Pierce County (TNT, 4-14).

In low-income, low-access communities, families struggle to allocate limited resources. Cheetos and chips are cheaper and closer to folks in the East Side than is fresh produce. There is a correlation of incidence of obesity and chronic diseases associated with the income levels and resources of neighborhoods.

Food banks that offer nutritious food are one way of mitigating these disparities. Folks are able to use their limited funds to pay for basic cost of living when there is access to a food bank

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FOOD BANK: East Side needs Eloise Cooking Pot

I own several rental homes on the Eastside of Tacoma and am disappointed by the “welcome” that the Eloise Cooking Pot Food Bank has received from the TNT, City of Tacoma and East Side leadership (TNT, 11-22).

Judging by the response of over a 1,000 hungry people, the leadership of this community should know a good thing when it sees it. I for one have invested heavily in Tacoma and openly welcome organizations that improve lives and give hope to our community.

I spent time to visit the food bank and found that they obtained a City of Tacoma business

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CHARITY: Food banks must observe the rules

Re: “Food bank might have to move” (TNT, 11-22).

Being a landlord and attorney, Ahndrea Blue should be aware of regulations and laws. Certainly feeding the hungry is a caring act in these times of need, but one must do their homework before setting up a magnet site in a neighborhood and ignoring zoning laws and neighbors’ sensitivities.

The Dome Top neighborhood has struggled for several years now to make this the livable, thriving neighborhood that it once was when my parents lived here, before slumlords and druggies took over. We would love to revitalize McKinley Avenue with businesses associated

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