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FLUORIDATION: Opponents are anti-science?

Re: “City Council got it right on fluoridation” (letter, 8-14).

Here we go again. Yet another man writes in crowing about how “clear” he sees “the science and policy” is about adding fluoride to public drinking water and dismissing all who may disagree with him as lesser lights, unconcerned with “our children’s dental health.”

This is getting rather embarrassing. Aren’t there any women out there equally “enlightened” on this subject?

But seriously: Science and common sense are not mutually exclusive.

For instance, is salt or coffee good or bad for folks? Science has tons to say on both. But

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FIRCREST: City Council right on fluoridation

Re: “Fircrest water will continue to be fluoridated” (TNT, 8-13).

I have been following this “debate” on eliminating fluoridation in the Fircrest water supply since it started. The members of the Fircrest City Council who voted to keep the Fircrest fluoridation policy in place deserve our continued support on this issue.

I am old enough to remember the original pseudo-arguments against fluoridation when water suppliers began to add fluoride to drinking water. Not much has changed in all of these decades.

The science and policy are clear, and the results are in: Fluoridation works. After nearly 70 years of

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FIRCREST: Don’t force fluoride on residents

Re: “It would be foolish to end water fluoridation in Fircrest” (Viewpoint, 7-27).

I live in Fircrest and want fluoride-free water in my home. There is nothing foolish or radical about expecting clean water from my own tap. My family uses fluoride every day. But we should determine if we want to drink it; the City Council should not decide for us.

Fluoride-free water does not cause tooth decay; too much sugar and poor dental hygiene does. Compared to 1957, fluoride is available everywhere. Drinking water is not the only source of fluoride, nor is fluoridated water the only

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FLUORIDE: Give fear-mongering a rest

Re: “Town urged to rethink fluoridation of water” (TNT, 6-26).

Some years ago, I found myself needing to find a new dentist. When I went, the hygienist introduced herself, I leaned back in the chair, opened wide and heard her say to the dentist, “Here’s another set of those good West Texas teeth.” I mildly amended her observation to make that southern Texas, and we proceeded from there.

The area I grew up in was once referred to by a CBS news person as “the chronically impoverished Rio Grande Valley of Texas.” It is an area where some agriculture

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FLUORIDE: Most water isn’t used for drinking

Re: “Town urged to rethink fluoridation of water” (TNT, 6-26).

Opponents of water fluoridation have one logical argument on their side: on average in the United States, only 6.28 percent of domestic water usage comes out of a faucet, the rest going to activities like washing clothes, running dishwashers, bathing, watering lawns and gardens, and leakage.

Even in a city like Seattle, where lawns and gardens are watered comparatively little, if at all, only 10.87 percent of domestic water usage comes out of a faucet.

These figures are simply faucet use, including both kitchen and bathroom sink faucets. Think

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TACOMA: Stop fluoridation and save money

I respectfully request the City of Tacoma cease poisoning the water supply of its citizens with Fluoride.

The savings will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is especially important since the information about the disasterous effects of Floride is now known. Many nations in Europe ban the use of Fluoride due to its hazards to public health. Fluoride is a known poison. In humans as little as one-tenth of an ounce will cause death. The adverse effects are well documented in The Physician’s Desk Reference.

The FDA has not approved fluoride for internal use. A 1990’s study

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