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PROJECTS: Where’s the money to come from?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about business wanting the state Route 167 and 509 extensions and the billions they are going to cost. Others want a cross-base highway and to tax us to prevent flooding from damaging Interstate 5.

Has anybody but me noticed that building permits have been given to build warehouses, stores, condos, apartments, houses, car and mobile home dealerships in the flood plain between Interstate 5 and the Puyallup River? In fact they are at a lower level than the highway. If it is safe enough for them, I-5 cannot be in danger.


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FLOODS: Halt development in flood zones

Matthew Glans’ letter (TNT, 4-1) speaks the obvious: Don’t continue to build in flood zones. They flood.

FEMA subsidizes flood insurance sold nationwide, and we all pay federal taxes to make that possible.
Even FEMA has been unable to pay for all the flooding and other storm damage nationwide. Why add to that burden by permitting added construction in flood zones? Why add to federal spending? Why add to the debt?

What interests profit from construction of added developments in flood zones? The interests that joined the National Wildlife Federation lawsuit. Only they oppose stopping FEMA from subsidizing

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FLOODING: Fish protected before people

Re: “New hatchery would be flood-free” (TNT 5-13).

The plan to relocate the Voights Creek Fish Hatchery begs many questions.

The fact that the hatchery has been flooded several times in the past 10 years is directly related to the lack of dike maintenance on the Carbon and Puyallup rivers. The last time these rivers were dredged between Orting and McMillan was summer of 1993. Since then, the gravel and debris washing down from Mount Rainier have built up gravel dams throughout the river bottom.

Ignoring that the river bottom is now much higher than prior to 1993 results in

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PIERCE COUNTY: Levee failure, not Katrina, flooded NOLA

Re: “Pierce County anti-flood efforts ramp up” (TNT, 5-2).

The article contains the inaccurate statement by Pierce County Councilman Shawn Bunney that the devastating flooding of New Orleans was caused by Hurricane Katrina. As a native and lifelong resident of New Orleans, I feel compelled to correct the statement.

New Orleans was flooded by the collapse of the federally designed, built and controlled levee system which experienced catastrophic failure when confronted with the precise circumstance it was supposed to protect against. After more than four years of investigation, experts and the courts found that the U.S. Army Corps

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