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FLOODS: Pierce County picks peninsula pockets

Re: “Cities denied flood tax appeal” (TNT, 4-3).

Once again, Gig Harbor Peninsula residents are getting the you-know-what from Pierce County. The only time Pierce County officials look to the peninsula is in April and October when property taxes are due. Now they are thinking of a new way to have us fund another eastside project that residents along Carr and Case inlets will never see.

It is time for residents west of the Narrows to consider once again the creation of a Peninsula County government that will better look out for interests west of the Narrows and stop

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FLOODS: County needs to discourage risky growth

Re: “County Council wades into flood control again” (TNT, 4-2).

It seems to me, building in a proven flood plain is risky, but living in the recognized path of future lahars is really ill-advised. What strikes me as simply immoral is a Pierce County Council that has allowed large residential developments in the likely path of catastrophic mud flows and now wants taxpayers to pay for their failing flood-control policies, which will most likely encourage further development in these geologically dangerous locations.

If someone feels the advantages of living along our vulnerable river valleys outweigh the risk, that is

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FLOODS: Don’t overly rely on levees for flood control

Re: “Pierce County flood control inadequate” (TNT, 3-5).

The plans to manage and upgrade the flood plains of Pierce County need to be careful not to rely too heavily on levees. While levees are an important part of any flood-control program, there’s significant evidence the United States already has enough of them.

Quite often, building levees to protect one area can make flooding worse in another. In many places, leaving flood plains in their natural state (or something close to it) can do more to protect inland residents than any amount of levee construction.

For more than a century,

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FLOODING: TPU showed dam good management

I live in Thurston County’s Nisqually Valley and have a couple downstream observations about recent Western Washington flooding.

First, flooding in the valley was a non-issue this time around. Tacoma Power’s management of the Alder Lake Reservoir was outstanding in this recent storm. Before the storm hit on Dec. 11, Alder Lake Reservoir had been lowered to 18 feet below capacity. It continued to be lowered as the storm hit and early on afterwards.

The Nisqually River in the lower valley did not get above 4 feet below the top of the bank. As of Monday morning, after

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