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CLICK: KOMO owner should consider wishes of viewing public

I am on a fixed income, and though I’ve been a faithful watcher of Channel 4 for years, if Fisher Broadcasting cannot reach a reasonable agreement with Tacoma’s Click Network, I will certainly miss Channel 4, but I will not switch from Click, as its rates are more reasonable than other providers.

I hope Fisher Broadcasting will consider the wishes of the viewing public in its negotiations with Click, rather than looking to increase its bottom line.



CLICK: Goodbye, KOMO

Apparently Fisher Broadcasting is not aware of the current television landscape. This is no longer the time period of two or three broadcast channels.

Hasn’t Fisher Broadcasting scrolled through the offerings available to the public? There are more choices than needed. Every segment of the market is covered. Just why does Fisher think we are wedded to KOMO? Frankly, of the three major network affiliates in the area, KOMO is last on my list to watch.

The longer Fisher holds out, the fewer viewers will return to its channel. Tonight, I will be watching my news, as usual on KING,

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CLICK: KOMO-TV unfair to Tacoma in cable dispute

I formerly headed up programming for a local ABC-TV affiliate. I later had a similar role with Tacoma’s Click Network, so I can see both sides of the dispute between Click and KOMO-TV that has kept the channel dark.

Stations like KOMO used to be thrilled to be on cable as no station can reach every home with a simple antenna. Cable systems like Click have spent millions of dollars wiring homes and making other capital improvements, making sure high-definition channels look pristine.

Local stations that used to get paid by networks like ABC for carrying programs now often pay

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CLICK: KOMO’s losing a viewer

I am a satisfied Click Network customer and ardent supporter of my local community. I would like to encourage others to do what I did and investigate the dispute between Click and Fisher Broadcasting (owner of KOMO TV).

Currently Click is not broadcasting KOMO programming, which means no ABC shows. The reason Click took a stand was because Fisher is raising its rates to unreasonable levels. These rates will undoubtedly mean higher rates for me and my family.

So sorry, Fisher. I will just change the channel until you become reasonable. Click!