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COURT: Don’t try cussing out the liberal justices

The state Supreme Court recently ruled that yelling profanity at police is protected by the First Amendment (TNT, 6-26).

Apparently, it’s now legal to shout profanity in public, even if it causes a disturbance for others. Freedom of speech is great, if it’s directed towards police officers, not judges.

I suggest no one ever stand on the front steps of the state Supreme Court and shout that the justices are liberal morons with a pro-criminal agenda. You should also not point out that the state Supreme Court is completely unaccountable to, and out of touch with, the citizens of

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PAY: No free speech for business owners?

Re: “Attorney general: Disclose surcharges” (TNT, 6-24).

The state attorney general says businesses can add surcharges to cover the costs of new minimum wage laws (a mandate). Businesses must clearly disclose the charge (a mandate). They also say the surcharge is subject to B&O and sales tax (a mandate).

The most disturbing point in this article is “businesses must clearly disclose the charge, not mischaracterize the charge as a tax or government mandate” - which in itself is another mandate.

We are going down a slippery slope when a government official ignores “shall make no law . . . prohibiting the free

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SPEECH: Columnist’s criticism is misplaced

Re: “Freedom of speech sullied and abused” (Kathleen Parker column, 5-11).

The founders of our republic plowed and tilled the basis of our freedom, naming freedom of speech in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Self-righteous commentators like Kathleen Parker have “piddled, twiddled and resolved” to avoid the most difficult aspects of seeding its defense by attacking supposed provocateurs like Pam Geller.

Among the exceptions to freedom of speech, Parker is probably referencing “imminent lawless actions,” which refers to U.S. law, not religious dogma or foreign law.

The “Piss Christ” photograph (1987) which spawned at least 68

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INDIANA: Demonstrators don’t go far enough

I applaud the demonstrators railing against the religious freedom law passed in Indiana. Allowing Christians to follow their sincere beliefs is something that cannot be tolerated.

The demonstrators have not gone far enough, though. There are other religious groups that should be required to conform also.

• Muslim Halal meat markets must carry pork chops.

• Orthodox Jews’ restaurants must serve bacon cheeseburgers and ham and eggs.

• Seventh-Day Adventists’ cafes should be forced to offer roast beef sandwiches.

Also, the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act needs to be repealed. Since Sen. Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid’s heir apparent, was its original sponsor,

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SAFETY: Whistleblower bill deserves speedy demise

I was very upset to find out that an “ag-gag” bill (House Bill 1104) was pre-filed in our state on Jan. 9 by state Rep. Joe Schmick, R-Colfax.

Ag-gag laws, which are basically anti-whistleblower laws, are very dangerous. If it suddenly becomes illegal to document cruelty or food safety violations on a farm, animals and the general population are put in danger.

This bill is also an affront to American values. The First Amendment protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but ag-gag denies both. In fact, an almost identical law in Idaho is now embroiled in the courts

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ELECTIONS: Citizens are being disenfranchised

Re: “High court ruling lifts lid on campaign donations” (TNT, 4-3).

The recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court is a takeaway from the average citizen with limited means. If money is free speech, then the financially less endowed are immediately put at a disadvantage.

The ability of all citizens to engage in this mockery of the First Amendment is now controlled by how rich or not rich you are. If, as the Constitution says, we are all born equal, then no other consideration of free speech need apply. If we are all born equal, then only non-monetary free

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MEDIA: Depends on whose ox is being gored, doesn’t it?

Re: “Government shouldn’t monitor media” (Off the wire, 2-26).

This Walla Walla Union-Bulletin editorial is outraged, as it should be, at the mere suggestion that the federal government might monitor how media outlets gather news – First Amendment and all of that.

Isn’t it revealing, however, how the sphinxlike liberal media utters not a word about the bull in the china shop that is the Obama administration? I guess it depends on whose ox is being gored. In the meantime, the Obama administration gores its way through 25 rules of law, including religious freedom, separation of powers and much of

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GUNS: Let’s restrict writers instead

Over the past several weeks, I have read several editorials about gun control and what must be done to make America safer. The writers of these articles pretty much agree on using background checks and limiting magazine size. I don’t know if these will work, but I do have some ideas of my own.

British author Edward Bulwer-Lyttton coined the phrase, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Throughout history, millions of people have died because of the writings of radicals advocating violence against groups of people. Sometimes reporting by the media causes people to riot and and turn into

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