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FIREWORKS: Confronting offenders paid off

I confronted the neighbors who were setting off fireworks on July 4.

“So I see that you are scofflaws,” I said.

The general reply was, “What do you mean?”

I then said, “What you are doing is illegal, it is freaking out my dog and now that I know where you are I am going to call the cops. Thank you very much.” The offenders did not set off anything loud after that.

I did call the cops (not 911), and the reply was that the info would be sent to available units.

I think that in the absence of

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FIREWORKS: Noise does not equal terrorism

Regarding fireworks being an act of terrorism (letter, 7-2): According to John Adams, our second president, Independence Day “ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews (Shows), Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.”

Do you really think he was a terrorist?



FIREWORKS: Council remiss in not passing limits

I know that the folks firing off fireworks in unincorporated Pierce County will say that they are celebrating the birth of our country. If this celebration almost always includes committing criminal acts, then it should be rethought.

Illegal is illegal no matter the excuse. Explosions equal to Claymore mines and the accompaning rockets that explode in midair with sparks raining down are illegal.

After reading when cities, towns and counties allow fireworks (TNT, 6-28), I am not surprised that our limp-spined County Council has not changed the allowable days from eight to one or maybe two. These days also

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FIREWORKS: Terrorism is not patriotism

Doubtless all who plan to detonate explosives this week have already made your purchases. I’m writing this at 10 p.m. Sunday, and already the bombing has begun. It’s terrorism, and it has nothing to do with patriotism or the Fourth of July.

I realize I am likely stopping no one, but with every explosion, a child awakes in fear, a pet runs away and a veteran is reminded of the hell of war, the loss of a limb and/or friend and the random horror that is an IED.

When you light that fuse and detonate that bomb, you are doing

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FIREWORKS: Enforce laws on the Fourth

It was disturbing to see the photo of two young girls running away from fireworks that they had set off near them on Puyallup tribal land (TNT, 5-28). Their flip-flops wouldn’t have given much protection from possible sparks.

A friend who is an emergency room doctor tells us about serious accidents and wounds from burns that occur each year from fireworks. Giving coverage to the dangerous use of fireworks is not in the best interest of keeping people
safe on the Fourth. Fireworks laws should be enforced, and perhaps it may save some children and adults from trips

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FIREWORKS: TNT shouldn’t promote dangerous activity

Re: “Mad dash for fireworks has begun” (TNT, 6-28).

Once again The News Tribune gives a front-page ad for the tribal fireworks stands. They are selling fireworks – many of which are illegal to shoot off outside tribal land – that injure numerous people each year.

If I wanted to advertise my business, I couldn’t do it on the front page and if I could, how much would it cost? I doubt that The News Tribune is doing the community a good service by helping promote an illegal activity.


FIREWORKS: Soon it will be Terrorizing Wildlife Week

Maybe the Pierce County Council should designate the first week of July as “Terrorize Pets and Wildlife Week.”

On the Fourth of July, from about 9 in the evening until 1 or 2 in the morning of July 5, I take our old golden retriever Jake into a bathroom that doesn’t have an outside wall. I turn the radio on loud, fire up a rotating fan, fill his water dish and do what I can to keep him from being terrorized until the main barrage is over.

Unfortunately, the birds and squirrels we feed and the family pets in the

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FIREWORKS: Get ahead of possible fire danger

As the weather preceding the Fourth of July may be better than usual this year, the danger from fireworks-caused fires will be higher. It would be nice if local authorities would publish their intent to actually enforce fireworks ordinances this year and then follow through.

Bottle rockets and reservation fireworks discharged into dry trees and grassy fields seem to be obvious dangers. Where common sense does not prevail, a little police enforcement could certainly help.