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ELECTION: Orting fire district needs community support

Orting Valley Fire and Rescue (Pierce County Fire District 18) is running a four-year maintenance and operations levy on the April 23 ballot. This levy is necessary due to the dramatic drops in assessed property value that has occurred since 2009. Annual revenue is down $826,000 (33 percent) since that year.

The levy authorizes the district to collect $825,000 each year from 2014 through 2017. It is important to note that this would bring the district back to its 2009 revenue level and allow the district to maintain its basic level of service. This is only possible because of budget

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GIG HARBOR: Fire levy is appropriate

I have to disagree with the editorial stating that “there is nothing wrong with having to defend spending decisions to voters every few years” (TNT, 4-9). The editorial goes on to say that fire and emergency services are “vital.” Of course they are, and that’ s why having fire districts constantly going back for yet another levy is ludicrous.

If having a certain level of fire response and Medic One capability is good in one year, why does it makes sense to wonder if it should still be funded a couple of years later? If the loss of revenue

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UPLACE: Understanding the levy ballot measure

It was nice to see additional information in The News Tribune regarding Fire Protection District No. 3 (West Pierce Fire & Rescue). To provide some focus to homeowners in University Place, I add the following:

University Place homeowners’ tax for fire services is the second largest tax on our tax bill.

The total current tax for fire services in University Place is $2.87 per $1,000 of assessed value. This overall tax actually has three components: $1.50 for fire services, 50 cents for emergency medical services and a special levy of 87 cents.

This new levy will raise the current 87-cent charge

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UPLACE: Support West Pierce Fire & Rescue levy

University Place always prioritizes and supports what we value. When our recreation, schools, police or fire department needs us, we are there. Why does our community support these entities? We trust that they clearly understand what our community identifies as being important. They continue to provide the level of servies that we desire, with an open door policy to the public of sensible, reliable and dependable fiscal responsibility.

The fire department supports our events through sponsorship of teams and scholarships, as well as attendance and participation for Duck Daze, UP Festival and Christmas Tree Lighting just to name a few. They

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UPLACE: West Pierce levy’s a life-saver

In 2003, my late husband Terry fell backwards off a ladder at our home and hit his head on concrete. The University Place Fire Department – now part of the West Pierce Fire & Rescue – rushed him to the hospital where he was kept alive for one more day, allowing family, friends and me the precious gift of time to say goodbye.

If not for their work, I would have come home and found him lying dead on the cement.

Last year, our granddaughter, Grace, saw the inside of an ambulance at National Night Out. Because of this she

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LAKEWOOD: Fire levy deserves voter support

I’d like to encourage support on Aug. 17 when Lakewood voters will once again be asked to renew the Lakewood Fire District 2 special levy. This levy request represents 25 percent of the fire district’s budget, and there is no increase over the current (2009-2010) levy amount.

Lakewood Fire District 2 provides consistently superior public safety assistance, well worth the investment our community is asked to make. The department was recently upgraded to a “Class 3” rating by the Washington Survey and Rating Bureau, further proving its ability to meet and surpass industry standards and providing home insurance savings to

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