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FIRCREST: Council inaction one reason for ousters

Re: “Fircrest council loses 2 longtime members” (TNT, 11-10).

The mayor of Fircrest said that he couldn’t pinpoint a single divisive issue that might have prompted voters to oust two longstanding incumbents. May I suggest to him the divisive issue of the groundwater problem on property between Ramsdell Street and Whittier Elementary School?

In early spring of this year, more than 50 people turned out for a council meeting, the largest gathering of people for a council meeting that the mayor had seen. The group was asking the council for help in organizing a plan to find out why

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FIRCEST: Medley will bring fresh perspective

We had the opportunity recently to speak with Jason Medley, a very energetic and conscientious candidate for Fircrest City Council. We talked at length about his priorities and vision for the city: keeping the sewer project moving forward in a financially sound manner, the flooding issue behind Whittier school, the maintenance of our parks and the importance of our police department.

Medley told us that his motivation for running for council was that he grew up in Fircrest and wants to give back to the city as well as preserve the quality of the city for his children and the

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FIRCREST: Jolibois has vision that city needs

Fircrest City Councilman Matthew Jolibois’ vision is a breath of fresh air amongst the repetitious blinders of do-nothing politicians. He listens to citizens and meets regularly with them. He is actively going door-to-door meeting with residents and earning their vote. He is using only local vendors for his campaign materials to ensure he is supporting local business owners.

Jolibois doesn’t play follow-the-leader on council, and his common-sense approach has led to millions of dollars of savings for taxpayers. He has proven time and time again that he gets the job done, whether it’s introducing a nontraditional means of installing sewer

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ELECTION: Fircrest needs Owens on City Council

After attending more City Council meetings than I can count, one thing is evident: Fircrest needs change. Kathy Owens represents the kind of change we need.

I served with Owens during her tenure on the Fircrest Community Center Advisory Committee. Her passion and dedication to making Fircrest better for every resident was ever present and tireless. Her efforts on the committee ultimately led to the long overdue comprehensive plan rewrite currently in process. Once complete, that plan will pave the way for much-needed improvements to our parks and recreation facilities.

Owens is consistently professional, practical, and level-headed. These qualities will

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FIRCREST: McVay and Gruver need to go

The two biggest problems with politics are when politicians are in office too long and when politicians turn their back on their constituents. Fircrest has that problem right now with two incumbents who are up for re-election.

Kathy McVay has been in office for 20 years and wants four more years. If you haven’t proven yourself a good leader in 20 years, then it is time to move on. Another incumbent up for re-election is Chris Gruver, who along with two other former Fircrest council members walked out of a council meeting, disrespecting dozens of residents in attendance.

According to

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FIRCREST: Jolibois helps city save money

My husband and I have lived in Fircrest for decades and raised our family here. That is why we are voting for Matthew Jolibois, who is the only council member and candidate who is a lifelong resident of Fircrest. He has also been an accountant for 29 years, which has come in handy on council as he has worked to save millions of dollars on the city’s sewer project.

Jolibois is also working with city staff to replace the old yellow streetlights with modern LED lights, which are proven to both cut down on crime and save thousands in energy

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FIRCREST: Why the rush to accuse Jolibois?

I am appalled by how my son, Fircrest City Councilman Matthew Jolibois, was treated at the Tuesday council meeting due to a matter between him and the Fircrest city manager (TNT, 8-31)

Councilman Hunter George walked-on a motion at the meeting that stated council would sign a letter (Viewpoint, 9-12) to be sent to the newspaper that Matthew should not have put the city in a bad light because of conflicts over Masko Park.

By the way, I was told that “walk-on” means the public had no knowledge the motion was going to be on the agenda.


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FIRCREST: Volunteers should be honored, not threatened

Re: “Fircrest councilman told to stop cutting plants” (TNT, 8-31).

After 50 years of directing/adminstrating programs as a volunteer in Pierce County, I see that Fircrest City Manager Rick Rosenbladt does not know the two rules:

• A volunteer can always tell you to “kiss off” and leave your project, unhappy, never to return.

• When one has a dedicated volunteer like Matthew Jolibois, you show your gratitude.

The City of Fircrest always seeks volunteers, workers and financial supporters, for everything from ice cream socials and movies in the park to hanging baskets and and fireworks. Insulting and berating

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